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The best way to illuminate your home is with natural light. It’s warm, relaxing, and comes at no cost. Most modern homes and commercial buildings have embraced big windows and light features such as rooflights. This is because they can help to cut energy costs while improving the aesthetics of the building. But what happens when rooflights are bringing in too much light for comfort? Enter, electric rooflight blinds – a simple solution that gives you control over how much light you let in, without having you up and down ladders pulling at blinds cords.

A rooflight is the opening in a roof (especially a roof flat) designed to supply a house with natural light. You can also use some rooflights for ventilation and even access in some cases. Rooflights come in multiple styles and designs to complement your home décor. However, too much light through the rooflight can make the opening less functional, and more of an inconvenience. It can make your room far too hot and bright, and even almost unusable in the summer months. That’s why it is crucial to have some degree of control over your rooflights – and this is where the rooflight blinds come in.

Rooflight blinds are designed to block or cover the rooflight when you want little to no light from above, especially during hot summers. Just like rooflights, they come in all manner of shapes and sizes to fit various openings in the roof. Unfortunately, most people face challenges when shopping for electric rooflight blinds

This article will give you a detailed guide on electric rooflight blinds to make your purchase process feel much smoother and more straightforward.

What are electric rooflight blinds and why do you need them?

Electric rooflight blinds are shades powered by solar and battery that lets you automatically control the amount of light coming from your roof opening. So, instead of manually opening and closing your blinds, which can be a hassle when they’re in hard-to-reach areas, you can control these blinds using a wall switch, handset, voice control, home automation, or app control. So, why should you go for electric rooflight blinds?

They’re simple to operate

Electric Rooflight blinds are automated and simple to operate. This is important, especially if your roof is very high and difficult to access. At a touch of a button, you can control your rooflight blinds – trust us, the convenience never gets old! It can save you a considerable amount of time, especially if you like to get the lighting in a room just right. Besides, you don’t have to deal with cords or cables making it a safe option, even with kids and pets that you might’ve thought electric blinds to be a danger to.


Increased security

Electric Rooflight blinds help you prevent strangers from keeping an eye on your valuables. With blinds that can be controlled from a phone app, you can even open and close the blinds when you’re away from home to ward off thieves who are on the lookout for empty houses.

Adds value to your home

One of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home is with automated systems. Home automation features help you improve your home’s functionality and are becoming increasingly popular in the design world. With automated rooflight blinds, you’ll always be a step ahead of those who still use manual systems. When you decide to put your house on sale, buyers will be impressed by the electric blinds that to most people, still feel like a luxury item.

Protect your interior

Natural sunlight is good, but too much of it can damage furniture and furnishings. Electric Rooflight blinds can help you keep away the harmful effects of UV rays. With the blinds, you don’t have to worry about fading or discolouration of your furniture, art, or upholstery.

It makes your home comfortable

You don’t need to keep switching where you sit in the house due to excess light or glare coming from your rooflights. Instead, electric rooflight blinds can regulate the amount of sunlight that comes in, meaning you’re free to sit in any part of the house at any time of the day. 

Again, it can be tough to sleep during the summer months when the nights are brighter. You find yourself needing to adjust your sleeping patterns by sleeping later than expected while all the light is inside your room. Blinds can shield out all this light, allowing you to sleep comfortably inside a dark room. Having darkness during sleeping periods has a number of health benefits and helps to improve your circadian rhythm, so it’s something that’s worth investing in.

Woman sitting on white sofa and reading a book in her living room with rooflight windows


Energy saving

Electric Rooflight blinds come at a price, but they can help you lower your energy bills drastically. For instance, during the day, you’ll be using natural light from the sun. When it’s too hot, the blinds will cover the rooflight, blocking light and heat from getting inside. This means that air conditioners and fans won’t strain to keep your house cool during the summer months.

Expert tips on buying electric rooflight blinds

Now that we’ve gone through the benefits of electric rooflight blinds, you might be eager to purchase them. But, before you go to the stores, here are some tips to help you find the right coverings for your rooflights.

Consider the size and shape of your rooflight

Rooflights come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, before you think of covering your roof openings, you must know their size and shape first. Most rooflights are of standard rectangular shape, but it can still be a challenge to measure them up and find the perfect fit. 

If you have an unusually shaped rooflight, the types of rooflight blinds you look at might be completely different – but don’t worry, our experts are fully trained to assist with measuring up for any shape or size.

A child sitting in a chair and reading next to two large roof windows


The actual purpose of getting electric rooflight blinds

All electric blinds are designed to serve one primary purpose; to control the amount of light passing through the rooflight.  Some electric rooflight blinds are made to serve specific functions better than others. Some are best at blocking light completely, while others are translucent. That’s why it’s best to think about the need for the shades in your house before you shop for them. 

The room

This goes hand in hand with the purpose of the blind. Electric rooflight blinds can be used in any room, be it your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. It all depends on the effects you want from the shades. If you want full blackout for a good night’s rest, you’re going to want thicker blinds that are fit for purpose. However, if you’re looking for blinds that soften harsh light in the living room to make it easier to read a book, you’ll want to look at translucent blinds.

White attic room with three separate roof windows

Your home décor

If you’re keen to maintain a certain aesthetic in your home, you’ll want an electric rooflight blind that complements your home decor. Luckily, electric blinds now come in a huge range of different colours, designs, shapes, and sizes. This makes it easier to customise than to match everything in your home. 

Cost of electric rooflight blinds

Electric rooflight blinds can be priced differently depending on various factors. Primarily though, the variation in the price will mainly come down to the style and material of the blinds themselves, not the motor that operates them. 

Purchasing high-quality blinds can really make a huge difference to how long they last you, so we’d always advise opting for great quality fabrics like those in our range.

In terms of maintenance, the batteries in our motorised blinds are rechargeable, meaning that you don’t need to call anyone out to keep them in working order.

Sample of different blind colours and fabrics


Buying electric rooflight blinds – expert advice

So, we’ve been through the perks of electric blinds and some considerations to keep in mind, but what else is there to know before you invest? Our experts have given their top tips and insights below:


Think carefully about whether you’d like blackout blinds or a translucent material

Think about how you spend your time in the room you’re fitting with skylight blinds. Do you want full darkness or are you likely to want a soft light in the room? It’s important to make the right choice on the material to avoid disappointment. Feel free to talk to one of our experts about the type of material you’re choosing and what they might do to a room at different points of the day.


Professional help is essential

Whether you have an idea of what you’re buying or not, you should always get advice from professionals. We’ve seen all the different styles in a huge range of spaces, so we know what works well. Especially with rooflights, it’s tricky to install electric blinds perfectly, so it’s important to opt for fitters with experience and great reviews.

This isn’t a project we’d advise trying to DIY. Rooflight fittings can be dangerous for obvious reasons.


Man measuring rooflight in order to fit motorised blinds


The takeaway

Blinds give you better control over the amount of natural light entering your house through your rooflight that, if uncovered can feel really excessive. You can adjust the lighting to fit your needs throughout the day as the sun moves around. Not only this, but they’re easy to use and add a luxury feel to any home.

When buying electric rooflight blinds, just remember to think a lot about how you use the room day to day. Speak to our experts about which fabrics will fit in best with your lifestyle and needs. Excell Blinds can cover the whole North West region, including Liverpool, St Helens, Chester, Wirral and more. Find the areas we cover here.


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