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If you are looking for a window dressing that looks and feels like a curtain but offers the versatility of vertical blinds then Allusion blinds won’t disappoint. Allusion blinds are unique and stylish window treatments providing more than just a luxurious look to your modern home.

This style of blinds offers adequate light and privacy controls, making your house comfortable. Allusion blinds are excellent for large windows, patio doors, bifold doors, among other spaces.

But as with any other new product, you must be careful when committing a purchase. If you’re considering investing in allusion blinds (which is a great idea), we want to help you get the right product at a competitive cost. Here is your ultimate buyer’s guide to allusion blinds.

What are allusion blinds?

Allusion blinds provide a seamless flow from inside to outside. These window dressings are stylish and functional to a modern home. Allusion blinds come with sheer and opaque fabrics to provide light control, privacy, and a clear outside view. The practical and design benefits of allusion blinds will add sophistication and elegance to your spaces.

Allusion blinds are available in a range of styles and colours to meet the aesthetic needs of your spaces. The blinds come with unique patented weaves that provide quality shading privacy and flexibility controls. With such excellent features, there’s no doubt that many homeowners, including you – may want to try out these new blinds. But before you do, here are some things to keep in mind.

Dark grey pleated allusion blinds.

Factors to consider before investing in allusion blinds

Since allusion blinds are still new in the window covering industry, many homeowners don’t know much about how they operate or other special features they come with. This makes it difficult for one to invest in these styles of blinds. However, this should not deter you from buying allusion blinds. Below is more about the costs and other special features of allusion blinds. 

Your spaces

The spaces in your home can affect your choice of blinds or other window treatments. Some blinds or curtains are explicitly meant for particular areas. For instance, allusion blinds can be installed on almost every space in your house. However, they work best over large openings like bi-fold doors and patio doors. They measure up to five meters in width and four meters drop, making them ideal for larger spaces.

When installed, one can easily walk through allusion blinds to access the outdoors without adjusting the blinds side by side. As a result, allusion blinds can be used as room dividers as well, especially if you live in a smaller home.

A kitchen space with a pair of Bi-Fold doors overlooking a garden area.

Control options

Before you buy allusion blinds, it’s best to understand how these blinds work. Fortunately, allusion blinds come with various control options based on a person’s preferences.

The standard control option for allusion blinds is wand control. This control mechanism has no cords; hence it’s safe for children and pets. 

Another control option is the traditional chain and cord. This is where the blind comes with several cords to help you adjust light and privacy levels. This control option isn’t safe, especially if you live with uncontrolled kids and pets. The cords, if left hanging, could cause strangulation risks to the pets and children. 

The last control option of allusion blinds is the motorised one. This is the safest choice not only for allusion blinds but also for all types of blinds. Motorised allusion blinds come with advanced operating mechanisms. You can easily rotate the window coverings with a remote control device, a wall switch, or an app on your phone. This makes it much easier and safer to operate allusion blinds. Thus, if you wish to invest in allusion blinds, go for those with motorised controls.

A person's hand holding a control to operate remote-control blinds.

Style and colour

One of the primary reasons for investing in blinds is to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. Therefore, the colour, style, and shape of the window treatments affect the buyer’s choice. We all have different tastes in all these aspects. The good thing is that allusion blinds come in a wide variety to satisfy each one’s needs.

When buying allusion blinds, select a colour that matches your windows, doors, and other spaces in general. Pick a design that you like.

Allusion blinds are available in two fabric ranges, each having five elegant colourways. The first fabric range is Horizon which is a sheer and textured knitted material. The Vista style is a flame retardant range that comes in five colours.

Choose an allusion blind style and colour scheme that works best for your spaces. 

Multi-Colour Blinds displayed on the floor.

Warranty conditions

Most manufacturers and sellers give warranties for their allusion blinds, signifying the genuineness and excellent quality of the blinds. This shows that they believe in their product and are willing to stand by it at all times. However, all guarantees come with strict conditions.

When buying allusion blinds, you should first check to confirm that the product has a guarantee. Second, take a minute to go through the warranty conditions and understand the warranty’s practicability. What is the warranty period? What does the guarantee cover? Understand such terms to avoid confusion and misunderstandings in the future.

Quality of the Fabrics 

When looking for a window dressing for your spaces, you want a blind or curtain that will stand the test of time. Generally, allusion blinds are made to last for an extended period. However, their durability depends on the quality of materials used to make the blind.

Thus, it’s essential to check the quality of the fabrics used to make allusion blinds before purchasing. Use your hands to feel the quality and texture of the fabrics. You can quickly identify a durable material just by feeling its texture.

Various fabrics for different blinds.

Get Free Samples 

When buying allusion blinds, you’re not perfectly sure that the blinds will work as per your expectations. To clear your doubts, you need to test the window treatments at home.

When buying allusion blinds online, you won’t have the opportunity to examine the window coverings. You only see them with your eyes; thus, it’s difficult to tell whether the blinds are perfect as advertised. Luckily, some manufacturers and sellers are willing to give out free samples of their products.

Use the samples to decide on the perfect style of allusion blinds that fits your needs and preferences. Although they might not be many or large enough to offer accurate results, the samples are a true reflection of the actual product. When buying allusion blinds online, ask for free samples before paying for the window dressings.

What is the Cost of Allusion Blinds?

Since allusion blinds are still new and trendy, they’ll definitely cost more than other window treatments. This is due to the unique features they provide and the stylish and uniqueness they bring to your home. Allusion blinds combine the features of curtains and blinds to give you control over light and privacy levels.

The cost of allusion blinds will vary depending on various factors. First, identify how many allusion blinds you need for your spaces. If you’ve got many areas to dress with blinds, you’re likely to spend more.

Also, the control options affect the cost of allusion blinds. Manually operated allusion blinds with cords and chains are much more affordable compared to motorised versions. Motorised allusion blinds are expensive because they are easy to use, stylish, and child-safe.

In addition, allusion blinds come with different price tags based on the manufacturer or seller. Some manufacturers charge highly for their products because of the long manufacturing process and the quality of the fabrics used. If you get allusion blinds at a lower price, chances are the product is of low quality and won’t stand the test of time.

Caring for your allusion blinds

When you buy a product, you must take good care of it to increase its lifespan. Allusion blinds have a longer lifespan, but all this depends on how well you care for the window treatment.

When buying allusion blinds, consider the amount of care required to keep the blind functional. As with any other window dressing, allusion blinds require regular cleaning to maintain their great looks. For this, you may vacuum the blinds or simply use a damp cloth to wipe them as needed.

The fabrics of the blinds should not catch dirt and dust easily. You should be able to wipe out any accumulated dirt without much effort. The colour of the materials should not be that which fades easily. You should be able to give the blinds a deep clean occasionally. For kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-moist areas, go for allusion blinds made of waterproof fabrics.


If you like trendy products, you may be having allusion blinds by now, or at least planning to get them before they run out of fashion. These window dressings are what every homeowner wants as they combine functionality with style to give your home a unique and elegant touch of class.

Allusion blinds are perfect for large spaces like patio doors and bifold doors. They come in various colour schemes and styles to suit all your preferences. If you still don’t own these new blinds, now is the perfect time to get them.

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