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Bathrooms are an important part of any home. This is where most people unwind, freshen up, or both. But these spaces are not the same in all homes – some are fairly spacious while others can be small. Regardless of the size, you can still make your bathroom attractive with the right accessories. Bathroom blinds are a great way to cover windows. They come in an array of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit all kinds of bathroom windows.

Choosing blinds that can work exceptionally around baths and showers is not as easy as it may sound. But if you get the right one, you can improve the interior of your bathroom, and find lasting blinds that can withstand moisture and other adverse conditions. We’ve put together this guide that’s fully packed with tips to help you choose the best blinds for your bathroom.

Factors to consider when choosing bathroom window blinds

Before you pick one of the many blind options out there, you should realise that bathrooms present a unique set of challenges that need your consideration. It’s always a good idea to identify and even write down the probable challenges and choose blinds that solve those potential issues. Some of these issues include:

Resistance to moisture

Unless you are using your bathroom for a purpose that was not intended, it’s often one of the most moisture-prone areas in your home. If you are not careful here, you may end up with a blind that absorbs water and won’t last long. The best bathroom blinds should be resistant to moisture. That means that even with moisture lingering, the blinds won’t rust, fall apart, or make it impossible to clean and maintain as regularly as you need to.


Whenever someone is occupying a bathroom, they need privacy from outsiders. You, your family, or guests will only be comfortable in there if you are sure no one can see you from the outside. If your bathroom windows are facing a street or a neighbour’s home, it’s critical that your window dressings ensure privacy.

When you choose blinds, you want them to be able to completely block the view from outside.

Light filtering

If, like most people, you are not exceptionally visually gifted, we are sure you can’t apply make-up or shave in a poorly lit room. You also don’t want to let in all light with open windows because you may compromise on privacy. That’s why you need bathroom blinds that allow you to filter light without exposing your activities to prying eyes. Your blinds need to be adjustable to let in the needed light or have features that can diffuse a glow.

Aesthetically pleasing

Your bathroom is not a room you enter, rush through showering, and get out as soon as you are done. You take your time. That’s why it’s important to style it so it looks pleasant and comfortable. Apart from light regulation, you want blinds that fit into your bathroom décor. Create a mood and warmth with whatever window treatments you choose to make bathroom moments irresistible.

Which blinds are suitable for bathroom windows?

Just to recap, you are looking for bathroom blinds that are moisture-resistant, that can offer privacy, regulate light, and still look good. Thankfully, Excell Blinds offers you bathroom blinds with all these qualities. Some of our top recommendations include:

Venetian blinds for bathrooms

The slats of Venetian bathroom blinds are aluminium, which is a very sturdy material that’s easy to clean and maintain. Venetian blinds are moisture-proof which makes them a great alternative for the bathrooms where there’s water splashing and evaporation. In addition, our blinds come with operation mechanisms that allow you to control the amount of light that gets into your bathroom. They come in many sizes including custom designs that will work for both small and big bathroom windows.

Vinyl blinds

If moisture resistance is a priority on your list, then you can choose vinyl blinds as your bathroom window treatments. These blinds are also a great choice if you need to regulate light. They have one- and two-inch slats that can open and close to let in natural light or close them completely to block anyone on the outside from seeing through.

Faux wood blinds

The word wood may leave you thinking these blinds can be easily damaged with exposure to moisture. But that’s not the case because faux wood blinds are durable and resistant to the effects of water. They also have a raising and lowering mechanism that gives you power over the light that gets in. For those who love the wood appearance, faux wood blinds will add to the look of your bathroom for a more attractive and comfortable space.

Which other window treatments are an option for my bathroom?

If you don’t find the bathroom blinds above not as appealing as you had thought, then look for alternatives we have listed below. Some of the bathroom window treatments we recommend include:

Bathroom Roman blinds

Roman blinds work so well in living rooms because they make spaces look beautiful and appear larger. If you have a small bathroom, then bathroom Roman blinds may be very useful to give the impression of the room being spacious. Shades are also easy to operate, effortlessly allowing you to raise and lower them to regulate light and privacy. Available in many colours, you can count on these blinds to fit in with the interior design of your bathroom well.

Perfect fit blinds

Any window would look good in perfect fit blinds, and bathroom windows are no exception. These fit in small and large windows, offer privacy, and regulate light as well. When you decide to go for perfect fit blinds, look beyond style and the streamlined appeal and go for solid materials that perform well around baths and showers.

Which window blinds are not suitable as bathroom blinds?

Not all blinds are suitable as bathroom blinds because of the factors we’ve highlighted above. They might not be water-resistant, not offering privacy, regulate light as they should, or not durable enough to work around baths and showers.

Wood blinds

Wood blinds are top on the list of “never use” for bathroom window treatments for the simple reason that they are not resistant to moisture. Unlike faux wood blinds, the humid conditions in your bathroom can easily penetrate the porous wood to cause warping and rotting. What’s more, wet wood creates a perfect environment for mould to grow. Cleaning wood blinds won’t be easy as well for the same reason.

Fabric window treatments

Though most blinds are made of other materials, don’t use fabric-based window treatments in your bathroom. The main reason here is moisture – once the fabric is soaked in water, it becomes prone to mould and mildew. If you have to use these treatments, you need to use your bathroom with care and check the fabrics on a regular basis to be sure they are not exposed to moisture.

Solar shades

If an opportunity presents itself to use solar shades as your bathroom window treatments, then only install them if you don’t care for privacy at night. While they are great as energy-efficient window treatments, they become transparent in darkness, which will let those on the outside see through.

Tips to optimise the value of your bathroom blinds

Simply buying the best blinds for your bathroom is not all you need for your bathroom space to be at its best. Before you have your blinds installed, consider having sliding doors. That way you won’t have to worry about other doors that take a lot of space during closing and opening. You may also want to integrate skylight windows especially if the bathroom is located in a dark area of your home. Natural light will help create the impression of a larger space.

Going with light filtering bathroom blinds may also contribute to making your bathroom space look bigger. Another obvious but often overlooked tip that will make your bathroom space large is organising your stuff and getting rid of clutter.

Consult with Excell Blinds for the perfect bathroom blinds

Choosing blinds for your bathroom might be a challenging task but it shouldn’t be with experts only a phone call away. You can get all kinds of blinds for your bathroom, designed specifically for your needs. There’s a wide selection of blinds in our assortment that you can browse and pick one.

Get a free consultation where we measure, discuss your options, and offer expert advice. We provide custom blinds for bathrooms and so what we sell you will be measured accurately. We also fit the blinds for you so there’s no room for making errors. At Excell Blinds, we make your bathroom blind purchases quick and easy.

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