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Bifold doors are the trendy new way of extending your living space. You can enjoy the fresh air from outside right in the comfort of your home by fully opening these fantastic additions to your home. Or take in the serene surroundings through the picture-frame view provided by your bifolds. You can find them in almost all new homes and even some old ones that have recently undergone remodelling. As beautiful as they make a home, there are unique challenges when choosing blinds for bifold doors because they are fairly large.

They may open outwards or inwards, which is a major factor in choosing the blinds for your bifold doors. You also have to decide whether you need one or several blinds for the entire set of doors.

The best option for covering bifold doors is window blinds. They provide privacy and control the glare from direct sunlight while also adding aesthetic appeal to your home. Various blinds for bifold doors are available, and you only need to choose what suits you.

In this post, we look at the best blinds for bifold doors to help you make an informed decision.

How to choose blinds for bifold doors

When choosing blinds for bifold doors, you have to make a few considerations.

For instance, where does the door open, outward or inward? Inward opening bifold doors will be slightly difficult but not impossible to fit. Also, it is best to fix the blinds on each pane to allow the door to open without getting entangled in the cords. Alternatively, the lintel above the door is the other suitable place to install your blinds outside the recess and allow the doors to open.

In contrast, outward opening bifold doors are easy to install blinds on. The space above the door recess is perfect.

Consider the material you need. Some styles may not be available in the material you want. For example, thermal and blackout functionality are two considerations you might have. Thermal materials are great in preserving the heat during cold months and keeping the room cool during the summertime.

Also, how frequently will the bifold door need opening? Some blinds are going to be a hassle if you have to open the doors often. The remedy lies in using the blinds option that does not need raising for you to open the door.

Think out the colour and pattern to match or coordinate with your interior decor style. Various textures, colours and patterns that easily fit with your decoration theme are available. Your choice in blinds for the bifold doors can make your home a delight when they tie your decor together.

The variety of blinds styles you can choose from are plentiful, with the only limitation being personal considerations. But some are more suitable for your bifold door than others, as we discover below.

Perfect fit blinds

Perfect fit blinds offer an easy, hassle-free installation. The perfect fit frame slides into your uPVC window frame without the need for drilling or screws, making them suitable for buildings where you can’t make permanent changes. The process only takes a short time and you are all set to enjoy your blinds.

Older wooden door and window frames are not compatible with the Louvolite perfect fit blinds system. In contrast, uPVC frames are compatible with perfect fit blinds. Also, aluminium window and door frames are compatible only if the rubber seal is present. They make for a beautiful minimalist look when paired with perfect fit blinds.

To confirm if your current bifold door frames are compatible with the perfect fit frames, check for a rubber seal between the frame and glass. The seal is what we use to fit the perfect fit frame in your door frame without screws. The perfect fit frame has L-shaped brackets that slot in behind the seal where it’s firmly held in place, and it also clips to the rubber seal. 

Sometimes the frame may protrude a little, but not enough to interfere with the opening of the bifold doors. They are affected by only a few centimetres, which is nothing for these massive doors. Control is operated by a discreet handle located at the hem bar. The absence of cords and chains make them suitable for use in homes with young children and pets.

With the perfect fit frame, you have the option of choosing between roller, Venetian and pleated blinds. The slim fit design and the countless colours for the perfect fit frames make them versatile and a very popular option for bifold doors. 

Roller blinds for bifold doors

Bifold doors are modern contemporary in style, and they are perfect for a minimalistic kind of decor. Roller blinds for bifold doors complete the look – especially in neutral colours such as cream, white and grey. They give a crisp, neat and polished finish that adds a touch of class to your home.

Due to the sheer size of bifold doors, roller blinds may be problematic as they only reach a maximum width of 300cm. But if your window is six metres, you can split it in two and have the controls at either end. Splitting the roller blinds more than twice will give you dangling control cords in the middle of your bifold doors, so it’s best avoided.

Linked roller blinds are a better option in cases such as this, as you can control them from a single point. The linked roller blinds system gives your doors a seamless look regardless of how many times you split the blinds. A gap of less than 20mm between the blinds is insignificant compared to the whole bifold door. Roller blinds are available in various colours and materials including blackout and light filtering.

Pleated blinds for bifold doors

Pleated blinds are a simple yet sophisticated blind with pleats that fold like an accordion. You can achieve a contemporary look with these stylish and classy blinds on bifold doors. Pleated blinds offer thermal control, saving you money in heating and air conditioning. The best set-up is where each blind covers an individual door.

Pleated blinds can be tensioned, making them stay in place when you move the door. In addition, they are available in various colours and materials. The pleats come in a variety of sizes. They also add texture, which is a great stylistic device in interior decor. These blinds are compatible with the perfect fit frame.

Venetian blinds

The horizontal slats of Venetian blinds provide privacy and light control without fully retracting them. By slightly angling the slats, your space maintains privacy and shade. Different materials such as wood, faux wood and aluminium are available, alongside a variety of colours to suit your interior decor needs.

When placed on each bifold door, they allow you to open the doors without closing the blinds first. Use them with perfect fit frames for the integrated look. One major drawback is that, when fully retracted, the slats tend to form a heap at the top. This heap limits your window space.

Vertical blinds for bifold doors

Vertical blinds are timeless and the perfect solution to large windows and doors. From the conservatory and bay windows to patio and bifold doors, vertical blinds are an ideal choice. They come in a variety of materials, such as water-resistant PVC. Vertical blinds can be up to six metres in size, which makes them perfect candidates for bifold doors.

The slats bunch to the side or separate in the middle and each bunch goes to one end. They offer excellent privacy control hand in hand with light control. When the slats are angled you maintain privacy and shade at the same time.

Whichever style you choose, blinds for bifold doors need to be correctly fitted for you to achieve a polished look. You can have professional fitters take the measurements for you. Also, it’s wise to ask for samples to ensure you get the colours you want.

Take away

Bifold doors are a delight in any home. They extend your living space by bringing in the outdoors. Due to their size, they can be challenging to cover, but a few blinds options remedy the situation. Perfect fit blinds are the best for bifold doors as they assure individual covering for each door. Also, they come in several varieties that you can choose from.

Roller blinds are another alternative for bifold doors. They bring out the modern contemporary look. Each bifold door can have its roller blind, or you can have two or three linked roller blinds. Pleated blinds are another sophisticated way of dressing your bifold doors. They can be tensioned to ensure they don’t move when you open them.

Vertical and Venetian blinds, though they have a few drawbacks, are also great blinds for bifold doors. They can help you achieve privacy while still keeping the natural light at bay.

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