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The window covering industry is continually growing, with new products constantly coming onto the market. Today, homeowners have a wide range of window treatments they can choose from at very reasonable prices. What you buy will depend on your individual needs and interests, along with price, material and other factors. One popular window dressing is the day and night blinds.  Want to know more about this window treatment? In this post, we unpack some of the day and night blinds benefits and other additional details that will help you determine if this blind is the right option for you.

What are day and night blinds?

Day and night blinds are unique window dressings that come with two layers of fabric. They resemble roller blinds, only that they have two fabric panels, one with a solid colour and the other is transparent. They are also called twist vision blinds.

Day and night blinds are suitable for most spaces, but they do not do well on sloping or shaped windows. The window treatment is excellent for privacy as well as light control.

Day and night blinds benefits

Day and Night blinds have special features that make them exceptional from other blinds. Here is why the blinds are perfect for you:

Comprehensive light and privacy control

The primary use of all blinds is to control the amount of light entering a home while maintaining privacy. Day and night blinds are one of those window treatments that serve their purposes right.

The blinds have two materials to help you adjust light and privacy levels based on your needs and the outside environment. For instance, displaying the sheer fabric layer lights up spaces while keeping glare away. This is important, especially when you need to fill your house with more natural light. Displaying the opaque fabric will keep away light and keep the spaces dark enough for a comfortable deep sleep. This feature makes day and night blinds suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and children’s rooms. Also, these features make them ideal for use throughout all seasons.

Increased energy efficiency

Correct use of day and night blinds will keep your energy bills low.  One of the top day and night blinds benefits is that these window treatments help control the temperature in your home, thus saving on heating and electricity costs.

During hot days, the opaque fabrics keep sun rays away from the room, making it cooler. The sheer fabrics allow light to filter through them, brightening up your spaces while increasing heat. This means you won’t need to keep the lights on all the time, saving electricity costs.

The versatility in the functionality of day and night blinds makes it easier to adjust temperature and light controls without using electricity or turning on your heater.

Interior design elements

Day and night blinds come in many stunning designs that can match any home décor. The blinds come in multiple colours, making it easier to decorate your home with themes of your choice. Vision twist blinds will give your home a soft and contemporary look, increasing its value which is one of the important day and night blinds benefits. 

Things to consider before purchasing day and night blinds

Have an interest in day and night blinds? Don’t rush to the market yet. Here are some tips to guide you through your purchase of vision twist blinds.

Safety features

You can make corded day and night blinds safe for your kids and pets. There are various safety devices to keep the blinds out of children’s reach. For instance, if your vision twist blinds operate on a loop chain, use chain tensioners to hold the chains at a higher place above the ground. Alternatively, use a cleat to hold or store cords. This way, you’ll make your home a safer place for your toddlers and pets.

Ease of operation

Look at the operating mechanism of the day and night blinds. Vision twist blinds can either be operated manually or remotely. It can be tiresome to operate blinds manually, especially if they are installed on roof windows. However, most people go for the manually operated day and night blinds because they are more affordable.

It’s convenient to operate blinds remotely via a remote control device, an app on your mobile or a wall switch. It gives you a hands-off experience while keeping your blinds in good shape all through. Also, you can integrate vision twist blinds with your house automation system such that they close or open at set times. 

Type and size of the windows

Day and night blinds are not suitable for all windows. It’s important to consider the types and sizes of your windows before you purchase these window treatments. 

If the windows are curved or shaped, buying day and night blinds will waste your time and money because they won’t fit well on those windows. As for the size, you’ll need to get accurate measurements of the window before buying the blinds. This is to make sure the dressings fit well on the windows.

Day and night blinds are suitable and common for residential and commercial spaces. At home, you can use them in the sitting room, kids’ room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, among other spaces. They also do well on conservatories and patio doors.

The type and colour of the fabric

This may seem like a small insignificant factor, but it’s essential for homeowners with a keen eye on home décor. Day and night blinds come in multiple colours and designs to suit all needs. The two layers of fabrics have different colours. When it comes to the colour of the blind, focus on the opaque fabrics. They are available in darkening colours of black, grey, and many more.

Also, consider the different styles of the vision twist blinds. The combination of the colours must be as per your needs. They need to match the theme of your home decoration. 

Maintenance of the blind

Window dressings have different maintenance requirements based on the blinds’ fabric, the location they are installed in, among other things. Usually, this determines the longevity of the blinds. Before you shop for the day and night blinds, you must be capable of maintaining them.

One of the basic maintenance tips for day and night blinds is regular cleaning. Clean the fabrics at least twice a week to maintain a like-new appearance and increase your blinds’ longevity.

The source

Where do you get quality day and night blinds for your windows? Various manufacturers make blinds, and they pass through many hands before reaching the consumer. Nevertheless, getting your vision twist blinds from reputable manufacturers and sellers is essential.

A good company/manufacturer will sell you the best-quality day and night blinds that will stand the test of time. Also, they’ll give you many options in terms of style, colour, design and many more.

The best way to find legit sellers is by scouring the internet and going through reviews from other customers. Pick a company that has been in business for an extended period and has won the trust of many. Get recommendations from family or friends on where to get your day and night blinds. Only buy branded vision twist blinds.

The cost of the blind

While it is still an important factor, cost should always come last when shopping for the day and night blinds. As they say, the higher the cost, the better the product. The cost of buying vision twist blinds vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the fabrics, the size of your windows, the seller, and many more.

Before you get the blinds, compare prices from various sellers and manufacturers. No doubt, you’ll get a manufacturer offering what you want at an affordable rate. However, don’t ever buy low-quality day and night blinds in the name of a cheap price. If you do, be ready to incur replacement costs in the future. As a rule of thumb, only buy vision twist blinds at a reasonable rate. The cost should match the quality and features of the blind. For instance, motorised day and night blinds are costly compared to those operated by hand.

Conclusion on the benefits of day and night blinds 

Day and night blinds come with unique features to provide adequate light and privacy control. The blinds have two layers of fabrics and combine features from other blinds. Vision twist blinds provide excellent interior design elements to make your home more appealing while increasing energy efficiency.

But before you shop for these blinds, consider factors like the safety of the blinds, operating mechanism, maintenance requirements, and cost. Day and night blinds are suitable for almost all spaces, including bathroom, living room, kid’s room, office spaces and patio doors. Get them today to enjoy all the benefits.

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