How do perfect fit blinds work? A handy guide to perfect fit blinds

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Are you looking for a simple but stylish covering for your uPVC windows and doors? Perfect fit blinds might be the ideal solution for you. They come in various types, designs, shapes and colours, and they give your windows and doors an attractive finish. They are simple to install, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. But before you commit you may well have a few questions. For instance, you may not be familiar with this particular type of blind. Well, if want to know how perfect fit blinds work, then look no further. This article explains everything you need to know. 


The installation of perfect fit blinds is a key part of what makes them unique. They simply attach directly to the window or door in question. They are designed to cover the glass entirely – as the name suggests! No tools or drilling are needed. The process is simple and takes just a short time. This is one of the major advantages these blinds have over others.

However, when deciding if perfect fit blinds are the best choice for you, it is important to find out if your doors or windows are suitable. Perfect fit blinds work best on internally beaded uPVC window and door frames. If yours are sealed with glazing tape or externally beaded, then they won’t be compatible. You’ll also want to check for any possible obstructions on your windows or doors, such as the handles. These might obstruct your blinds and potentially prevent them from closing properly.

You should also make sure to measure the glass carefully. After all, you want to make sure your perfect fit blinds are indeed a perfect fit! Your measurements should be in centimetres, metres or millimetres. The more precise you can be, the better the results. It is vital to ensure accuracy, as even small errors can ruin the look of these blinds. If you are going to take the measurements yourself, we would recommend rechecking the measurements two or three times.

However, on this basis, it can be very helpful to ask a professional to help you with this process. They will be able to ensure the measurements are completely accurate, and that the fit is truly perfect.


The cost of buying perfect fit blinds will depend on the size and the number of coverings you want – another reason to seek the advice of experienced professionals who can help you to decide on the option that best fits your needs. You likely won’t need us to tell you that the bigger the windows or doors, the more the blinds will cost. However, you also need to factor in the type of perfect fit blinds you’re looking to purchase. Let’s look a bit more closely at the different types that are available, so you can get a better idea of what the best option might be for you.

Types of perfect fit blinds

As we mentioned, there are various types of perfect fit blinds. Each type is available in numerous designs, styles, prints, materials and finishes to suit your taste and décor. This means you’ll be able to find perfect fit blinds to suit your taste, however discerning it might be! However, some options will fit better in some types of room than in others. They all have their advantages, so you’ll want to think about the specifics of your needs in order to decide on the best choice for you. The options include:

Perfect fit roller blinds

These are excellent for controlling the amount of light entering a particular room. They are extremely easy to control, as they simply roll up and down to your desired height. They also control shading. If you are thinking about going for this option, be sure that you know how to spot quality roller blinds that will stand the test of time.

Grey roller blinds

Perfect fit pleated blinds

Perfect fit pleated blinds are a great choice if you want to enjoy some natural light while relaxing at home. That’s because these blinds allow natural light to filter through. The delicate folds that give these blinds their name add a refined and streamlined look to your space. They are an attractive and easy to install option. Perfect fit pleated blinds can also help in controlling temperature, especially during winter.

Perfect fit Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the most popular window coverings, and understandably so. They are flexible, practical and work well in almost any room. They provide some privacy and heat shading while still allowing some light to filter through. The light control they allow is second-to-none. You can simply use the wand to tilt the slats to your desired level. Perfect fit Venetian blinds come in numerous colours and designs to match your style and taste, as well as a range of materials. Whatever your style, you will find an option that suits you. Why not consider black wooden Venetian blinds to add a touch of chic elegance to your rooms? Alternatively, if you prefer a brighter look but still want to add a touch of colour, you can combine white Venetian blinds with tapes to bring out an interesting contrast.

Photograph of white, perfect fit venetian blinds

Cleaning your perfect fit blinds

Although perfect fit blinds require little to no maintenance, keeping them clean helps to increase their lifespan. Also, it allows you to maintain the freshness and attractiveness of your blinds and windows. 

Use a dust cloth to get rid of any dust and dirt on your perfect fit blinds. Focus more on the edges, as they are prone to catching dust. Take extra caution when cleaning pleated fabric. If you have perfect fit Venetian blinds, be sure to clean both sides of the slats. The easiest way to do this is to close the blinds completely. Then, simply angle to slats fully upward, dust from left to right, then angle downward and repeat.

For ease of cleaning, you can remove the blind from the window or door frame. To do so, simply raise the blind and release the frame from the brackets. It is usually better to avoid using water or cleaning products on the blinds, as this can damage the material.

Why choose perfect fit blinds?

So, now you have the answer to the question: how do perfect fit blinds work? But you might still be wondering, what’s so special about these blinds? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that come with this type of blind.

They fit on almost every window and door

These blinds are ideal for windows of almost any type, shape or design, because they are clipped over the glass area. Choose from various styles, colours and materials, such as aluminium, pleated, wood and roller blinds. There are plenty of options to match your needs.

Photograph of two men measuring a long window in order to adjust perfect fit blinds

They are easy to install and maintain

No drilling or screwing is required to make the installation. Nevertheless, it’s usually a good idea to get professional help when it comes to taking the measurements and deciding on a style. The installation won’t cause any damage to your windows/doors or any other part of your property. It will usually take less than 10 minutes per window. 

The blinds don’t come with any demanding maintenance requirements, though you should clean them regularly, just as you do with your windows.

They are cost-effective

As we noted above, the cost of perfect fit blinds is dependent on the size and type of window, the type of blind you choose, and the number of coverings you need. However, they are usually a cost-effective option. The installation is very quick and straightforward, and maintaining them won’t add any extra costs. 

Two women shopping for different perfect fit blinds

They are safe

Perfect fit blinds are completely safe for your children and pets. They are perfect for any room, be it a bedroom, living room, children’s bedrooms or even the kitchen. Because they are cordless and cable-less, you don’t have to worry about strangulation risks.

Optimal light and temperature control

Perfect fit blinds (as you would expect!) fit perfectly on windows and doors, leaving no gaps behind. This gives you optimal light and temperature control. You can roll down the blinds to block the light completely, or roll them all the way up to let all the natural light in – whatever suits your needs. Some even allow some natural light to filter through even when lowered.

Perfect fit blinds also offer good insulation. During winter, the blinds will help to keep the heat in your home. In summer, they can also aid in keeping excess heat out. This can even help you reduce your energy bills – as everyone will agree, this is a great thing!

Grey, perfect fit roller blinds on large window


Final thoughts

Perfect fit blinds are suitable for all types of windows and doors. They attach to the glass part of the window and no drilling or screwing is required. They come in various types, including perfect fit Venetian blinds, perfect fit pleated blinds and perfect fit roller blinds. Installation is easy, and much quicker than many other types of blinds. Finally, these blinds are cost-effective and safe for your children and pets. So, now you know how perfect fit blinds work, you can get on with deciding on the right type and style for you! You can book an appointment with our experts for professional advice on perfect fit blinds.

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