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Automatic blinds provide a unique blend of luxury and convenience in a home or office. You can easily adjust them without moving an inch. They are simple to use and are ideal for any modern home. Because of the many benefits they provide, smart blinds are in high demand, and you should probably order yours today. You might be asking, how much do they cost? This article provides answers to this question. We also enlighten you on how they work and some considerations before making a purchase.

What are automatic blinds?

Motorised grey roller blinds decorating a set of three windows

Let’s start with the basics. Automatic blinds are window treatments installed with a small motor, allowing you to remotely open and close them. The blinds come with a small battery that acts as the source of power for the motor. However, the motor can also draw its energy from electricity which often requires hard wiring.

Automatic blinds eliminate the struggle of manually adjusting the window dressings to desired levels. This brings comfort and convenience to your home. Also, automated blinds last longer due to reduced wear and tear caused by pulling the blinds manually.

And in this age of technological advancements, they will blend in well with your automated house. Let’s examine the essential factors that affect the cost of automatic blinds.

How much do automatic blinds cost?

Generally, the cost is greater than that of standard manual blinds. This is due to the unique features and benefits the blinds provide. The actual cost varies depending on multiple factors, including;

The size of the project

Basic knowledge dictates that the more windows you have in your home, the more automatic blinds you’ll need to get them dressed. This, in turn, raises the overall cost. On the other hand, if your house only has a few windows, the cost will be less.

The size of the openings will also determine the cost needed to dress your windows. For instance, bay windows are large and odd-shaped hence will require more material to cover them. As a result, the cost of buying your automatic window treatments will be significant. Small windows will require less material which will lower the cost of automatic blinds.

Automatic blinds are priced differently depending on their type, style, and design. Examples include:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Day and night blinds

While deciding the type of automatic blinds to buy, consider functionality, durability, style, and other needs, you expect from the window treatments. Also, consider the room where you’ll install them; it could be the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, or kids’ room.

The level of technology

Automatic blinds come with different technologies to provide comfortable, convenient, and seamless control.  The level of innovativeness used to make the blinds affect its cost.

For instance, some  come with built-in light sensors that enable them to adjust depending on the outside lighting. The blinds will automatically close to filter the light and heat even without your knowledge when it’s too hot.

Others can be integrated with smart homes systems like Nest and Apple Kit to increase their functionality. In addition, some automatic blinds connect with virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing you to adjust the window treatments with your voice.

We also have wired automatic blinds and wireless automatic blinds. The latter are made with cutting-edge technology making them much more expensive.

All these unique features plus many more contribute to the cost. 

Installation and power options

The cost of automatic blinds also varies depending on the source of power and ease of or difficulty of installation. Wireless automatic blinds are much easier to install, and the project can be DIYed to save costs. The blinds draw their energy from a small battery attached to them and do not require hard wiring.

Wired automatic blinds draw their energy from your household’s main supply. And due to the risks associated with installing them, you’ll need to hire a professional technician to do the hard wiring, which raises the cost of the window blinds. Also, it takes time and extra resources to install wired automatic blinds, which add up to their overall cost.

Place of purchase and method of production

Where you purchase automatic blinds can affect its cost. With the many manufacturers and sellers in the market, competition is stiff, and everyone is trying to get a share of the market. As a result, some sellers give out automatic blinds at slightly reduced prices to achieve more sales.

Also, the level of competition will affect the cost of smart blinds. For instance, if there’s only one supplier in your region, expect to buy automatic blinds at a more than normal cost.

Ready-made automatic blinds are much affordable than made-to-measure automatic blinds. This is because made-to-measure automatic blinds take more time and resources to be manufactured. They are also tailored to meet specific needs.

Things to consider when buying automatic blinds

Thinking of investing in automatic blinds? There’s more to look for than just the cost. Here are some essential factors to consider before purchasing smart blinds.

Longevity of the blinds

Generally, automatic blinds are much more durable than the standard manual window treatments. The longevity varies depending on the quality of the smart blinds. Automatic blinds are convenient and are worth every penny.

However, there are still ‘fake’ automatic blinds offered at slightly lower prices. It’s good to save money by buying at a low price but think twice if you find a product being sold at a considerably lower price.

Also, consider the smart blinds materials as they contribute to the longevity of the window treatments. Choose smart blinds made of quality and durable fabrics. 

Your windows

Not every smart blind will fit on your window. Before investing, consider the size, type, and shape of your windows. Some questions to ask include;

  • How do the windows open or close? 
  • Are they standard or odd-shaped?
  • Where are they situated in your house?

These questions will help you get the right automatic blinds for your home.

Also, you need to consider the side you want to install the smart blinds on. Are they going on the inside or the outside? Find something to help determine the measurements of your windows.

The functionality of the automatic blinds

Apart from light and privacy control, blinds also serve other specific functions depending on the type and style you choose. Thus, when buying automatic blinds, examine their features and functionality to see if they fulfill your needs.

Its ideal to have automated blinds tailored to perform specific functions like thermal insulation and noise cancellation. Although this will cost you more, it’s better to have all your needs performed by a single automatic blind. This will save you cost in the long run.

Maintenance requirements

Regular maintenance of your smart blinds will ensure they remain functional and stylish for an extended period. The maintenance requirements vary depending on the type of smart blinds and the material.

If the blinds are battery-powered, you might need to replace the cells occasionally to keep them functional. For those powered by your house mains supply, you just need to pay your electricity bills to keep them functional.

Vacuuming the smart blinds regularly will help remove dust and dirt that may alter the functioning and appearance of the window treatment. This cleaning method is highly effective for smart fabric blinds. While vacuuming, start from the top to bottom so that the dirt falls on the floor. After vacuuming, make sure to wipe the flow clean so that the dirt will not make its way on the fabrics again.

Alternatively, use a dry sponge to clean and remove the dirt, dust, and grime on the smart blinds. This is an effective method of cleaning your smart blinds as it won’t damage the fabrics.

Caution: do not spray or soak your automatic blinds in water, especially the wooden blinds, as this may damage the fabrics. Water or any other liquid could also damage the motor, tampering with the functionality of the smart blinds. If they are powered by your household’s mains supply, it’s dangerous to clean them with water. Remember, almost all electric equipment are not water-friendly.

For clarification, contact the manufacturer of your smart blinds for guidelines on cleaning and maintaining your window dressings.

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