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In need of some fresh kitchen blinds ideas? If you’ve just painted your kitchen walls, layered the lighting, updated hardware, and replaced cabinet doors, what’s left is dressing the windows. Have any window dressing ideas in mind? If not, we have put together the best recommendations in this post. Despite the existence of many window treatments, blinds have always proved effective in providing light and privacy control in homes and commercial spaces.

But with so many options available, you need some advice to get the best option for your needs. Blinds come in many styles and designs, but not all are suitable for humid areas like the kitchen. Some options to consider include roller blinds, Venetian blinds, and faux wood blinds. But that’s not all you should consider. Here’s how to reach a decision when it comes to buying kitchen blinds:

white blinds in a beautiful modern kitchen
Modern bright kitchen interior with white horizontal window blinds, wooden cabinets with white countertop and household appliances

Wooden finishes

The beauty of real wood is incomparable. Wooden blinds create a touch of class and luxury in your spaces. Unfortunately, natural wood is susceptible to elements. This means they’re not suitable for humid environments like the kitchen and bathroom. However, this shouldn’t bar you from styling your kitchen windows with wooden blinds.

Faux wood blinds are among the best kitchen blinds ideas to cover and decorate your kitchen windows. With these window treatments, you get the natural beauty and luxury of real wood but with additional features.

Unlike real wood blinds, faux wood blinds do not warp, peel or turn yellow when exposed to extreme heat and steam while cooking. This makes them ideal for kitchen windows. What’s more, faux wood blinds are much more durable compared to real wood; hence they’ll leave your kitchen windows looking polished and classy for years, if not decades. And since they are made of PVC materials, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Motorised blinds 

Manual blinds are good as they provide hands-on control. In fact, the standard operation for almost all blinds is manual. However, this kind of operation has few drawbacks that make the window dressings inconvenient, especially when used in rooms like the kitchen.

First, they come with cords and operate on a chain mechanism. You pull the cords to adjust the blinds as needed. But sometimes, this might be daunting and inconvenient, especially if the windows are big. The cords, if left hanging, could be a risk to pets and kids.

Motorised blinds are ideal for kitchen windows. They are cordless hence safe for the kids, pets, and yourself. Motorised blinds are also easy to operate, making them convenient for kitchen windows. Since they are controlled remotely, you won’t need to wash or dry your hands to adjust them. Also, the blinds won’t catch stains easily.

Still, you can integrate motorised kitchen blinds with the automation system in your home such that the blinds adjust on their own and at specific set times.

motorised blinds in a beautiful modern kitchen

Non-fabric blinds

Non-fabric blinds are an ideal option for kitchen windows near the splash area. This zone comes into contact with water, steam, or splatter food regularly and could stain or damage the blinds. All this has to do with the window’s location, for instance, near the stove or above the sink.

For such areas, non-fabric blinds are ideal because they are water-safe and easy to clean. Non-fabric blinds are made from wood, plastic, metal, or PVC material that is easy to clean and maintain.

These window blinds materials do not accumulate dirt, germs, or ordinary kitchen smells. They are also stylish and functional and will add some luxury to your kitchen space. Venetian blinds are a good example of non-fabric blinds suitable for kitchen windows.

Use magic colours

Simple kitchen blinds with minimal patterns and contrasting colours will create a modern look in your kitchen. The blinds should be something interesting to stare at. Bright colours will make the room more lively, providing enough light.

While white is always an ideal option, consider other options like blue. You don’t want to create a rainbow in the kitchen by mixing different colours. Better still, a combo of white and black or white and blue could still liven up your kitchen spaces. To create a soft backdrop, use muted neutral colours. Warm tone colours like browns, yellows, or reds will create an earthy, natural, cosy atmosphere.

If you want to create a cohesive look, consider matching your kitchen blinds with the colours in the room, like those on the wall.

The best part is that kitchen blinds come in many colourful designs to satisfy everyone’s needs. 

Don’t be too trendy

One thing is for sure, the window treatments industry will keep growing. Almost every year will come with some new additions. While it’s good to stay up to date with the latest trends, it’s better to be mindful of the essential features.

Don’t be in a hurry to acquire the latest style of kitchen blinds, unless you don’t mind spending more on your window dressings. Trendy items always last for a short time, although some manage to withstand the test of time. What’s more, fashionable kitchen window treatments come with premium prices. You don’t want to mistake buying the wrong product at a premium price and later regret it.

We advise waiting for some time, perhaps a month after a new window treatment has hit the market, before acquiring it. This will give you enough time to analyze the kitchen window dressing and see if it matches your style.  

Insulating features

With all the cooking, there’s already too much heat inside the kitchen. The last thing you want is the heat coming from the sun to make your spaces more uncomfortable. Window blinds are meant to provide light and privacy control, but only a few have insulating capabilities.

One of the best kitchen blinds ideas is to have a window covering that cools down the temperatures in your kitchen. You don’t want to overwork the air conditioners in the room since the energy costs will be high.

Kitchen blinds made with innovative heat-regulating fabrics will help regulate temperatures in a room. This feature lets them keep away excess heat when there is too much warmth inside the room and retain heat when it’s cold inside the kitchen. Roman and roller blinds have blackout features to help keep your kitchen cool when it’s too hot.

Cellular shades, known to many as honeycomb blinds, provide excellent insulation features and are great for use on kitchen windows. This style of blinds appears cosy and has amazing thermal benefits. They have air pockets to minimize the heat flow regulating inside temperatures.

Control light and privacy

The level of light and privacy control you get from kitchen blinds depends on which one you choose. You want a window dressing that provides complete control of light while keeping your kitchen private. The right kitchen blinds will let you control the artificial, and natural light filtering in your kitchen as well as create a confidential environment.

With voile blinds, one can enjoy picturesque views of their farms or backyards while blocking other people’s views of their kitchen.

Blackout blinds will block all the light and views both from the outside and inside, leaving behind a dark, private, and peaceful environment.

Easy to install options

You’ve already spent so much buying blinds for your kitchen windows. The last thing you want is to spend more on things you can do on your own.

To save on costs, install kitchen window blinds all by yourself. You don’t always have to hire a professional unless the blinds are of unique and complicated design. Ready-made kitchen blinds are easy to install and usually come with instructions on how to do it. For made-to-measure kitchen blinds, you might require professional assistance.

Customised kitchen blinds

Instead of spending much time examining the features of kitchen blinds, make a list of what you want the window dressings to look like. Custom-made kitchen blinds provide the satisfaction of style and functionality.

Define the features you want the blinds to have. Decide on a suitable material for your kitchen blinds. Select an excellent colour, style, and pattern that satisfies your needs. Provide the measurements of your kitchen blinds to have the blinds manufactured in the correct sizes. Made to measure kitchen blinds will leave an elegant appearance in your kitchen.

Although they are more pricey compared to ready-made blinds, made-to-measure blinds are a true reflection of your needs and desires. Better still, you can spruce up your kitchen with ready-made kitchen window blinds, especially if you are running low on budget.

Kitchen blinds ideas, final thought

Covering your kitchen windows with blinds will add style and luxury to complete your kitchen decoration. When choosing kitchen window dressings, go for those resistant to elements. Motorised blinds with magic colours and insulating capabilities will not only increase functionality but also beautify your kitchen.

If you’ve been looking for the best kitchen blinds ideas to style up your kitchen windows, we hope this article was worth your time. We can also get you the best kitchen blinds for your spaces. Leave us a message, and we’ll help you transform your kitchen.

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