Modern window blinds: Inspiration and ideas for every space

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Window blinds are not just for controlling the amount of light entering your house. They also provide privacy and security to your home. And you shouldn’t overlook the contribution they make to your décor. If you are looking to change the appearance of your house, why not start by investing and installing modern window blinds?

Window blinds come in various types, designs, shapes, and styles for different needs. Some are designed to perform specific functions better than others. When shopping for window coverings, you need to consider your needs, the type and size of your windows, your budget, the room you are installing the blinds in, and most of all, your home décor.

Want to give modern window blinds a try? Here are some ideas and inspiration for every room.

The best modern window blinds for every space

Finding the ideal type of window covering for your modern home can be a challenge. Below are some ideas for you to consider.

Electric blinds

Technology is continually developing and making life easier and more convenient. And blinds aren’t an exception to this! Motorized blinds have become increasingly common, and the technology involved has become more sophisticated. They are a great option for a modern home, as they add an up-to-date feel as well as, of course, the added functionality.

Motorised modern window blinds can be controlled at the touch of a button. The best part is that you have a choice of three ways to control your motorised blinds. Choose between a wall switch, a remote control device, or install an app on your smartphone to do it remotely. Integrating motorised blinds with your home’s smart system makes it possible for the blinds to automatically roll up and down at specific times of the day.

If you invest in quality motorised blinds, noise will be the least of your concerns. They roll up and down so quietly, you might not even notice it’s happening if you’re not looking directly at them!

Motorised blinds provide added security to a home even when you’re away, especially if they are day and night blinds. Roll them down with your home’s automation system or an app on your smartphone, and everyone will think you’re in the house when you’re not.

Electric blinds come with a rechargeable battery, or they can run on your house’s mains supply.

Wireless window blinds

Even as you look for the perfect blinds for your spaces, don’t forget about the safety of your children and pets. If you choose motorized modern blinds, they can either be wired or wireless. Most people opt for wired blinds because they are cheaper than wireless window treatments. But wired blinds can come with some additional safety risks. Here at Excell Blinds, our blinds come child- and pet-safe as standard, so you can buy with confidence.

Skylight modern window blinds

Many modern houses have skylight windows to let in more natural light. While it is good to brighten up your spaces with natural light through the day, it can have some downsides. Rooms with skylight windows can be overpoweringly bright during the day. What is more, in summer months they can let in a great deal of heat. Being able to control the light coming in through your skylight windows can make a huge improvement to your home. Indeed, UV rays from the sun can damage your furniture if not controlled. What is more, too much light can cause glare, which could damage your eyes. Why not consider shading your roof windows with skylight blinds?

Skylight blinds are perfect for every space in your house with skylight windows, be it the living room or kitchen. If you have a roof opening in your bedroom, you might find them helpful as well. They’ll help you sleep comfortably.

For ease of operation, go for electric skylight blinds. Roof windows can often be hard to reach, and manually operated blinds might not be ideal for such openings.

When shopping for skylight blinds, consider the type of roof you have. Some roofs are flat, while others are slanting. Both types can be covered with skylight window coverings, but different styles will suit each type. Also, consider the purpose you want the skylight blinds to serve. Some roof window blinds are designed to perform specific functions. 

For instance, blackout skylight blinds are perfect for blocking light, leaving a room in complete darkness. They are ideal for use in bedrooms. They also block out the harmful UV rays from the sun, thus protecting your furniture from damage.

Wooden blinds

Wooden modern window blinds are stylish and can be a great addition to any modern home. They come in a variety of finishes and can even be painted. This means there’ll be an option to suit you, regardless of your taste or your current décor. 

Wooden blinds are more durable when installed on the inside of the windows. However, they do not do well in high moisture areas like the kitchen. Although natural wood is appealing to the eye, it’s vulnerable to the elements.

Faux wood blinds are an excellent alternative to natural wood blinds. They resemble wood but are resistant to moisture. They are best for  areas that will see plenty of moisture, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Faux wood blinds are cost-effective compared to real wood blinds, but they nevertheless offer many of the benefits of real wood blinds.

Faux wood blinds come in multiple designs, colours, styles, stains, and grains to fit your needs. They can also be customised.

Be careful when cleaning your wooden blinds. Don’t use water or any other liquid that might dampen the slats. Dust the wooden blinds at least twice per month to remove dust and dirt on the slats. Use a light feather duster or a microfiber cloth to dust the wooden blinds and avoid rough bristles. For horizontal slats, dust from right to left. For vertical slats, dust from top to bottom.

The bottom line on modern window blinds

There are various ways to make your modern home stylish and lively. One way to do so is by dressing up your windows with blinds. Electric blinds are an important investment for every modern home. They are more convenient and stylish. Wireless blinds are safe and easy to use. Skylight blinds give you control over the sunshine. Wooden blinds are stylish and natural. Choose what’s right for you.

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