Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds offer a very similar effect to wooden Venetian blinds, but are more affordable and are suitable for high-humidity areas too.

Benefits of Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

  • Elegant and luxurious finish
  • Can be motorised and operated with a remote control or an app
  • Suitable for a modern or more traditional aesthetic depending on the colours and style chosen
  • Excellent lead time - they can typically be surveyed and installed within 1-2 weeks
  • Child-safe by design, with safety cords required by law on all Venetian blinds
  • A cost-effective alternative to shutters
  • Highly customisable - with four different louvre sizes, a huge range of wood finishes, and the option for cord or taped ladders
  • We produce our Faux Wood Venetian blinds in-house, so we can repair and replace damaged parts without replacing the whole blind
  • They provide excellent insulation from solar heat gains
  • They provide excellent UV protection, ensuring protection for your furniture and flooring
  • They should last 8-10 years when cared for properly
  • Perfect fit option is available for a streamlined finish
  • Ideal for all rooms in the house including damp-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms as they are moisture resistant

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Things to Consider about Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

  • Large blinds can be heavy to draw up and down
  • There is light bleed between each slat and around the edges, so additional coverings may be required for a blackout effect
  • Child safety devices (required by law on Venetian blinds from any retailer) can be fiddly to put back together
  • Venetian blinds need to be cleaned regularly to prevent dust build up
  • Dark coloured Venetian blinds will fade over time in windows that get a lot of sun exposure
  • All coloured blinds will fade to some extent, colour fade is true for almost any product - like cars or furniture
  • Venetian blinds with tapes are harder to clean than those with cords
  • If the tapes on Venetian blinds do become dirty or damaged, they can be replaced for a fee that depends on the blind size
  • They can be tricky to take down and put back up again if this is ever required

More Information about Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Faux wood (PVC) Venetian blinds are now one of the MOST popular blinds we sell. Over the last few years, faux wood has outsold the original wooden equivalent, this is mainly due to the finished look being so similar to wood, but they cost about 15% less.

This timeless classic combines everything you need in a blind, it can reduce light entering a room or be totally closed and it can increase privacy even when open. The faux wood (PVC) louvres look very similar to Wooden Venetian blinds and create an elegant style and look amazing.

They are suitable for almost any window. The option to tilt and turn the louvres provides great light control and privacy. They can be raised up to allow a clear window or can be closed to reduce light and give privacy.

These are made by our expert staff in our local factory. Therefore, we can survey and then install your new wooden Venetians usually in around 1-2 weeks’ time from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions about Faux Wood Venetian Blinds


How much do made-to-measure faux wood blinds cost?

Their cost depends on the width and height of the blind. See the basic costing guide below. 

Faux wood blinds are less expensive than wood Venetians.

Estimated prices for faux wood Venetian blinds on seven windows will range between £400 – £800 (depending on the size and style selected).


Which is better: Wooden Venetian blinds or Faux Wood Venetian blinds?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get at Excell Blinds! As with all blinds, this is subjective to personal taste, but in our opinion Wooden Venetian blinds provide a slightly more luxurious look and feel. However, there is very little difference between the real wood and faux wood in terms of the finished look. Therefore, faux wood is now more popular than real wood, as it looks very similar but is about 15% less expensive than real wood.


Do faux wood blinds warp?

Yes, they can. As it’s made from PVC material, it can expand and contract a little when heated and cooled. However, this is usually minimal. Long-term exposure to heat can cause them to warp (on dark colours).

Unlike real wood, Faux Wood Venetians are suitable for bathrooms or areas of high humidity, however.


What type of Faux Wood Venetian Blinds do you have?

We do have a selection of Faux Wood Venetians in stock (limited colours only) that can be made and fitted the next day after the survey. This is only available upon special request and is subject to an additional fee.


How should I care for my Faux Wood Venetian blinds?

Although Faux Wood Venetian blinds are prone to collecting dust, they are easily cleanable. To keep these blinds free from dust, you should use a feather duster or a vacuum with an upholstery brush attachment. Care should be taken when cleaning these blinds, and if you are wiping the blinds down you should use a dry cloth to avoid cracking the paint.

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Sharon RoachSharon Roach
11:06 01 Nov 23
I just had night and day blinds fitted and they look amazing!!Tom came out measured up, Karl came out to fit. Great guys, very quick, answered all my questions, efficient and professional. Even staff on the phone very helpful. I had concerns over my porcelain tiles and uneven walls, however, there was no need.I would 💯 recommend this company. See my photos, they speak for themselves!Well done Excell, fabulous job!!
Gareth GriffithsGareth Griffiths
13:40 13 Oct 23
Very efficient professional service
Saira DarrSaira Darr
15:53 09 Oct 23
Tom was great....Great customer service, great blinds...definitely use them again.
Liz SmithLiz Smith
10:50 09 Oct 23
Richard JenningsRichard Jennings
12:37 04 Oct 23
Amazing work from Tom & Carl. Thank you Excell Blinds for brilliant product.
Laura NewettLaura Newett
20:38 05 Aug 23
Just had blinds fitted throughout our house and we couldn’t be happier- they look great! Thank you for the friendly and professional service. Highly recommend!
Sharon HensleySharon Hensley
19:48 25 Jul 23
Had blinds and shutters fitted by Carl at Excell. Really nice guy and a brilliant fitter. He really took his time to make sure the shutters were fitted perfectly onto such awkward windows. Would definitely recommend. Thanks a lot Carl 👍🏻
Clare CornerClare Corner
10:44 04 Jul 23
Had blinds fitted today. The whole experience from start to finish was excellent! Appointment times to suit and Jac in the office kept me fully up to date through the whole process. The fitter Tom was really friendly and knowledgeable and done an amazing job on measuring & fitting.
Although I have a few local blind companies near me I travelled to Excell Blinds as they were recommended by our letting agent. We had to replace all the header rails for the vertical blinds in our rental property and I found them to be quick and very reasonably priced. Would definitely use them for blinds again. Staff were very nice and helpful too
Heather BettsHeather Betts
19:21 24 May 23
From start to finish excellent service. Organised appointment following visit to shop and Tom arrived to measure up and everything explained about fittings and timescales. Arrived within expected time and fitted within two weeks. Tom fitted today and we are really pleased with results. Thank you Excell great job and great service.

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