Design inspiration: White wooden Venetian blinds with tapes

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Why would you choose white wooden Venetian blinds with tapes? Well, it comes down to a question of taste! In many ways, your interior décor is a reflection of who you are. It is a great way to express your own preferences and most importantly, to display your personal style. Blinds are a great way to add an extra point of interest to your décor while also adding excellent functionality. But when it comes to colours and designs, you want to make sure you choose blinds that fit with your overall aesthetic.

Your interior design colours are central to the mood in your space. Some colours trigger excitement, others sadness, and yet others induce peace. Depending on your personal style, white wooden Venetian blinds with tapes can be a great way to add another attractive detail to a room and highlight your particular taste.

However, even if you have some great ideas for how you want to incorporate blinds into your rooms, it can still be hard to decide on specifics. There are so many trendy and stylish options when it comes to blinds, picking the best ones for you can feel a little overwhelming! Whether you’re already considering white wooden Venetian blinds with tapes, or you’re just looking for some general ideas to help spruce up your rooms, this post will help you out.

Design inspiration for white wooden Venetian blinds with tapes

Finding design inspiration can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t know where to look. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and many more can provide valuable visual insights. But if you dwell there too long, the information can become overwhelming. When this happens, you end up reproducing the trends instead of being inspired to come up with your unique style. And after all, other people’s rooms aren’t always that similar to yours. What works well for them might not work at all for you! 

You can avoid this confusion by looking for inspiring ideas in the following places – some of which you might not have considered! When looking at any design plan or any source of inspiration, try to concentrate on those with white wooden Venetian blinds with tapes. We offer an extensive playground for you to see and compare window coverings in a variety of rooms and window types. Even set wall colours to coordinate finishes.

A pair of white wooden venetian blinds overlooking a garden area.

Patterned wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in an array of designs, and it may just be the inspiration you need. Geometric patterns are great for showing how you can combine various colours, while floral prints can be great for inspiring the design of your living room. Looking at examples of patterned wallpaper can give you ideas for combinations of design and colour that you may not have considered. It can be a great way to see how white can complement or set off other contrasting colours, or blend into a similar palette.

A green, leafy patterned wallpaper displayed in a living room space.

Still photography

When it comes to using photography for design inspiration, looking beyond social media can be very helpful. For instance, fashion photography can often feature fascinating combinations of colour and shape – and you may even see interesting décor in the background! The same is true of product photography, and even of blogs that might be unrelated to interior design. If they show colour combinations that relate to an idea you have, why not borrow them?

A pair of fashionable roller blinds displaying how a pair of blinds can influence the look of the room.


When watching the sunset with all the vivid orange hues, doesn’t it just inspire you? Or the flowers in their many colours. Nature is rich in colours and textures, and they could form the basis of your next interior decoration project. Watching how the environment changes with every season is another way to find inspiration. This is particularly true when it comes to wooden blinds, which bring a very natural feel to a room.

A colourful spring sunset in the Mediterranean, with eye-catching pinks, blues and greens.

Product design

Product design is not only limited to the product itself but also the packaging. Some companies are very creative when it comes to designing packaging using various colours. Others provide photographs of the products with a backdrop of how you can use them. For instance, pictures of different rooms in a home incorporating white wooden Venetian blinds will inspire you.

How to incorporate white wooden Venetian blinds with tape into your décor

With the colour white, there are so many possibilities when it comes to the decoration of your spaces. You can go for all white, mix in subtle creams or greys, or add completely different colours to create contrast and depth. White wooden Venetian blinds come with white tapes or a variety of contrasting colours, which can work well in a white-themed setting.

The key to decorating a room in all white is mixing up the textures of the same colour. White wooden Venetian blinds come in various finishes like gloss, matte and satin, and this allows them to complement this style. You can also add energy to a room by combining white with black. For this look, you can opt for black tapes.

White can mix with any colour including neutrals like light grey, beige, and cream, or dark colours like chocolate, blue, pink and many more to create various effects. The combinations will warm the room or soften it depending on the colours chosen. But before purchasing, why not look at samples? This will help you decide whether the shade picked is ideal for your space.

A pair of white venetian blinds closed over to keep the light out of the room.

Where to use white wooden Venetian blinds with tape in your home

When you have a vague design plan, with the undertone chosen if you are going all white, it’s time to take the next step. That means deciding on the design plan for each room. While the living room may need to be bright and warm, the bedroom may benefit from cool and calming colours to provide the ambience for sleep.  

Living room

The living room sees a lot of traffic before the end of the day. White wooden Venetian blinds with tapes are a great way to bring elegance and class to your living room. Depending on the undertones you choose, you can decorate it all white. But remember to vary the textures to avoid blandness. The aim is to create a warm and sophisticated but welcoming look.

A living room space with white wooden Venetian blinds attached to the windows.


White wooden blinds create that clean, crisp look and bring a luxury feel to your bedroom. Combine them with softer neutral hues like beige and cream to create an atmosphere perfect for slumber. You can fit children’s bedrooms with faux wood, which is more forgiving when it comes to washing stubborn stains.

However, because they are not blackout blinds, you may need to pair them with blackout curtains if you do use them in the bedroom.

A bedroom with a set of white wooden Venetian blinds.


The kitchen tends to be high in moisture and will benefit from faux wood Venetian blinds, which are moisture resistant. The white blinds can complement your appliances and fittings or have contrasting tape to match them. The white blinds may also benefit from cool colours like green or blue to add a natural, soothing note to the kitchen space. 

A pair of blinds set up in the kitchen


The bathroom is another high moisture area that benefits from faux wood Venetian blinds. You can close them for privacy or tilt them to allow air circulation throughout the day. Mix the white with cool neutral colours for a relaxing feel.

A pair of blinds set up in a bathroom.

A summary on white wooden Venetian blinds with tapes

Wooden Venetian blinds are a classic choice and suit many styles of decoration. Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary look you want, white wooden Venetian blinds can help you accomplish it. The tape is decorative and comes in many colours, and you can use it to create contrast. For a clean, crisp look, why not consider choosing white wooden Venetian blinds with tape? We don’t think you’ll regret it! Speak to one of our many professionals and we can deliver wooden Venetian blinds to your home or office in Altrincham, Warrington, St Helens, Chester or Wirral!

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