Black wooden blinds: What to consider before you buy

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Our black wooden blinds bring a touch of elegance to homes or offices. They can be used to complement your existing furniture and easily blend with both traditional and modern homes. You have use them as a backdrop to your drapes or curtains, or have the blinds on their own as a standout feature in your rooms. Whatever you choose, they are a perfect way to add a little sophistication to your interior décor.

Black wooden Venetian blinds comprise horizontal slats which can be opened either forward and backwards for maximum control. They come with a cord ladder, but we can add tape ladders on request. In terms of suitability, they are extremely versatile. For instance, they are a great choice for use in commercial buildings and offices, adding a note of luxury as well as a welcoming look. However, they also work well in various rooms in homes. In the bedroom, they offer excellent light control at night, creating the perfect atmosphere for sleep. They also fit nicely in the living room, offering you total control over the sunlight while keeping your space private. Depending on how you angle the slats, you can also keep the room warm or cool.

Overall, black wooden blinds are a great choice for a wide range of situations, and can suit many different styles. There plenty of reasons to consider investing in black wooden blinds, so read this post to find out more. 

Benefits of black wooden blinds

Light control

The blinds provide excellent light control. The slats can be tilted to various degrees, which means you can get the exact amount of light or shade you want without affecting your privacy. Or you can opt for raising the blinds all the way or halfway to let even more light in – a great option for social spaces that benefit from brightness, like the living room or kitchen.


Black wooden Venetian blinds are energy-efficient. By blocking out light, the slats can help to keep your room cooler in the summer, and they add extra insulation during the winter. As a result, they can even help you save a little money on your energy bills.

Polished finish

Black wooden blinds can give you a polished finish when properly fitted. With a perfect fit, you have a streamlined finish that does not require screws to fix them to your window. At Excell Blinds, we ensure a perfect fitting by working with you from beginning to end of the process, from the initial measurements to installation.

Use alone or as a backdrop

These blinds can provide a tasteful backdrop to enhance the look of your drapery or curtains. However, using them on their own can give your room a classic, natural feel.

Luxury feel

If you buy them from a quality supplier, black wooden blinds give your space a feeling of real luxury, whether domestic or commercial. You can use them to complement your other furnishings, or add a note of contrast.

Easy to clean

It is easy to maintain and clean wooden Venetian blinds. Removing them for cleaning is unnecessary, and you do not need expensive equipment. Wiping them with a duster or a dry cloth will do. Regular dusting is all it takes to keep them in perfect condition. 

Cord or tape ladder

Our blinds come with a cord ladder as standard, giving you the classic look of wooden Venetian blinds. However, if you want to add a little extra touch of luxury, tape ladders are also available.

Suited to most rooms

Black wooden blinds are ideal for most rooms. Whether you want to make your living room extra cosy and inviting or maximise light control in your bedroom, they are a great choice. Similarly, they can be a great addition to an office space. Large conservatory and bay windows, in particular, look exquisite when fitted with black wooden Venetian blinds.  

Affordable and durable

Black wooden Venetian blinds offer premium quality and a classic look at an affordable price. If you take care of them, they are durable and will last a very long time. 

Easy to operate

Slats can easily be tilted forward or backward using the wand control, while you can raise and lower them using a cord pull. Not only does this give you a great deal of control over the light coming into your room, but it does so with ease and simplicity.

Where to use black wooden blinds


Most people are unable to sleep in a room that is too bright. When used in the bedroom, they provide not only warmth and shade but also privacy at night. You can also use them in the nursery to allow or limit light as necessary for your baby.

Living room

The temperature control aspect makes them ideal for the living room in all seasons. They allow light and shade to your liking while protecting your furniture, photos and paintings from the direct glare of the sun. These blinds are also an excellent choice for your skylight.


In the office, they are perfect for partitions on sliding doors and large windows. They reduce the glare of the sun and enhance the privacy between co-workers. They provide a tranquil atmosphere for working.


Conservatories are a great place to have black wooden Venetian blinds. They fit well with the natural look of a conservatory, complementing your garden and blending with any potted plants to further enhance the outdoor feel. Conservatories can also be extremely bright, which makes these blinds a great choice to help bring some shade as necessary.

All our blinds are safe for children, making them ideal for the classroom, restaurants, cafes, and any place small children might visit. The only downside with natural/real wooden blinds areas with high amounts of moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens, can potentially cause issues. In this case, use faux wood Venetian blinds, which are perfect for such situations.

How to operate black wooden blinds

The operation is enabled by employing a pulley, by means of which the cord controls the up-down movement and the wand controls the tilt of the slats.


The top casing is attached to the window frame. It carries the pulley mechanism that controls the upwards and downwards movement of the blinds. The slats are not rigid, meaning they can move inward and outward in addition to remaining completely closed. You can pull the blinds up and down or stack them at the top. The top casing conceals the string lock mechanism that enables this movement. Two pulling cords attach the lower edge to the blind.

Cord lock and tilt mechanism

The tilt mechanism is also concealed in the top casing. It is connected to a tilt wand or string through threading. Turning the wand clockwise or anticlockwise angles the slats in whichever directions you choose.

When you pull the string away from the centre of the blinds, the slats rise. When you release the string, the brake mechanism locks in place and holds the slats at the position you want. Releasing the lock, you only need to pull the string towards the centre of the blind and the slats lower.

The operation is simple, and when you handle your blinds with care, they will last a long time.  

Care and maintenance of black wooden blinds

Black wooden blinds, like all wood products, are prone to collecting dust. However, when cleaning, you have to remember moisture can be damaging to wood, so you should avoid using any liquids in your cleaning routine. Though there are special wood cleaners, it is a good idea to consult the supplier of your blinds before using any of them.

Cleaning with a dry cloth

The quickest way to clean black wooden blinds is by means of a dry cloth or a light feather duster. To do this, close the slats so that they are facing downwards. Lightly dust in a downward motion. When you are finished with one side of the slats, close them in the opposite direction and repeat.

For a thorough clean, a specialist brush comes in handy. But if you don’t have one, a dry, lint-free piece of cloth or soft duster works as well. Open the blind, and clean the top of the slat by running your cloth or soft duster across the slat, beginning at the centre. When you are done, open the slats in the opposite direction and clean the lower end.

Using a vacuum cleaner

You can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft upholstery brush to clean wooden blinds. But be wary of one with a powerful suction, as it may pull the slats out of position. Hold the slats with one hand, and with the other, vacuum them. Turn slat in the opposite direction and clean the other side.

For the slats that are difficult to reach, step on a ladder to avoid overreaching and pulling on the slats. Alternatively, you can take them down and gently lay them on the floor. Lay them on an old blanket to protect both the floor and your blinds.


The best way to maintain your blinds is to deal with problems as the need arises. Problems can range from discoloration to re-finishing the wood, though if you buy your blinds from a reputable supplier, you should have fewer issues. If you do need to repair your blinds, it is a good idea to contact a professional. Someone with experience will be better suited to handle repairs, as they will have the tools necessary for the work. With proper care, your black wood Venetian blinds can last a long time.

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Black wooden Venetian blinds add class and finesse to a home and are ideal for most rooms in your home. In addition to light control, they also help regulate temperature. These blinds are easy to clean and do not require special equipment to clean and maintain. They are easy to operate, and our blinds come child-safe as standard, meaning they are suitable even in the nursery, or any space with small children. They blend in well with your existing furniture. For the perfect fit, why not reach out to us and talk to experts.

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