Everything you need to know about skylight blackout blinds

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Skylights, also known as roof windows, provide ventilation and fresh air to your home. They also brighten up small rooms, giving them a light and spacious feel. A skylight can help to make your home look luxurious, even increasing its resale value. However, despite the many benefits, skylights can make a house uncomfortable, especially during summer. That’s why purchasing blackout blinds is a great idea. They will give you full control over the light entering your room.

Want to know more about skylight blackout blinds? Here is a handy guide to everything you need to know.

What are skylight blackout blinds?

Skylight blackout blinds are window coverings used to block light from entering a house through the skylights. They are ideal for rooms that need total darkness, like bedrooms. When installed on your roof windows, almost no light will come into your house unless you choose to let it in. These blinds can be closed and opened easily, which gives you a degree of control over the light entering your space. They can be operated manually or electronically.

Apart from blocking light, skylight blackout blinds also add aesthetic appeal to your home. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colours to fit individual needs. 

Why do you need skylight blackout blinds?

Homeowners cover their roof windows with blackout blinds for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons you might need these window coverings.

Light control

This is the primary function of skylight blackout blinds. When closed, the blinds block virtually all the light from entering, leaving a room in total darkness. When the sun is not too bright, you can keep them open to allow some sunshine and fresh air inside your house. And when the sun is strong, keep them closed to protect your furniture from harmful UV rays and prevent glare.

If you want to take a nap during the day, close them to darken your room. Skylight blackout blinds will block virtually all the light entering the room, giving you a peaceful environment to enjoy your sleep. This is ultimately what distinguishes them from other blinds. You won’t be woken up by the harsh light coming through your skylights early in the morning.

Temperature regulation

When the intensity of light passing through the skylights is high, there will be too much heat in the room. This will create an uncomfortable environment for you and the other occupants of your house. Skylight blackout blinds keep a house cool during the hot summer days. You won’t need to rely on your air conditioning system to eliminate the excess heat coming through your roof windows. This can help to decrease your energy bills.

During winter, the blinds also serve the opposite function, helping to keep your house warmer. When closed, they prevent some of the heat from escaping the house through the roof windows.


If you have skylights and roof windows that are on the ground floor, in an extension or conservatory, for instance, they can cause privacy issues. If your house is overlooked by your neighbours, they may be able to see directly in from their upstairs rooms. Skylight blinds can be a perfect solution to keep your space private.

Skylight blackout blinds buying guide

Before shopping for skylight blackout blinds, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Size and design of your skylight

Skylights come in different sizes, shapes and makes. The first thing to do before buying a skylight blackout blind is to identify the particular make of your roof window. For instance, it might be Velux, Facro, or Dakea. Some blinds are explicitly meant for specific makes of roof window. You also need to determine the size and shape of your skylight. This means measuring!

Of course, if you prefer you can measure your window yourself. When measuring the length, be very precise. If possible, measure twice or more to get an accurate figure. You don’t want to order a blind that doesn’t fit on your skylight. This is especially true with blackout blinds, where the slightest inaccuracy will lead to light getting through.

Usually, the best option is to ask an experienced professional to take measurements for you. This will give you peace of mind that your blinds will fit exactly.

You should also take note of the shape of your roof window. Some may require specially designed roof light blackout blinds. If you are not sure, ask a professional to take a look. Most reputable companies will offer a consultation service.

Operating mechanism

It’s good to understand how skylight blackout blinds work before shopping for them. Blinds have different control mechanisms. They can be operated manually or electronically. For manually operated skylight blackout blinds, you’ll need to make sure you can reach high enough to either open or close the blind easily.

Alternatively, you can use a pole that hooks to the bottom of the blind. However, this can be inconvenient if the window is particularly high up.

Motorised or electric skylight blinds are a good choice because, as the name suggests, they are powered by a motor and hence easier to operate. You only need a remote control device or a mobile app to operate them. Motorised blinds are especially convenient for rooms with high roofs. There’s no need for awkward reaching, simply press a button on the remote to open or close them with ease.


Consider your budget

When it comes to making a purchase, there’s a simple truth we can easily forget: you can’t buy what you can’t afford. Skylight blackout blinds are priced differently depending on various factors like the brand, make, size and technology. Corded skylight blinds are usually cheaper than motorised blackout blinds, for example. Electic blinds have a lot more factors as far as production and technology are concerned, resulting in a higher price point. 

When buying skylight blackout blinds, compare prices from different manufacturers and go for the one you can afford. Learn to differentiate between cheap and affordable. Cheap products are always low in quality. The size, style, and a number of blinds will affect how much you’ll pay for the blackout blinds you need. Always note that the higher the specifications and features, the more money you’ll have to part with to get your window coverings.

Your decorating style

Everyone has a style of decorating they prefer for their home. Skylight blackout blinds will affect your home décor. For consistency, buy blinds that match your style and design. The good thing is that skylight blackout blinds come in various colours, styles, shapes, and designs. This means there will always be an option to fit your individual preferences.


Professional installation is always recommended for skylight blackout blinds. In many cases, you will need to climb a ladder in order to install your blinds, which can be dangerous. You may even need to climb onto the roof, which requires skills and experience that most homeowners don’t have. If you do choose to DIY the project, make sure you follow the instructions strictly.

Some skylight blackout blinds are easier to install than others. However, we would always recommend asking a professional to install the blinds for you. After all, if you are going to invest in quality blinds, you want to be sure they are installed properly. The money you hope to save by installing yourself may well be taken up in fixing mistakes.


The manufacturer must guarantee that the skylight blackout blind is of the best quality. This can only be done by issuing a warranty. The warranty period will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Always go for one with a long warranty period because that means they trust the quality of their products to last that long. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty before you buy the skylight blackout blinds. 

Care and maintenance of skylight blackout blinds

Just like other types of blinds, these blackout blinds will need some care to maintain. When cleaning your house, consider your roof window blinds. Regular cleaning will prolong the longevity of your skylight coverings. If you let dust and grime accumulate on your blinds, it can put unnecessary pressure on them, and you may even have problems opening or closing them. This can lead to cracks or breakage and will reduce the blinds’ lifespan. If you have family members with dust-related allergies, cleaning your skylight blackout blinds regularly is a must.

Regular dusting leaves your blinds looking sleek at all times. Dust your window coverings at least once per week if possible. Use a soft cloth and wipe gently to avoid damaging the fabrics. Vacuuming will also help you get rid of loose dirt and dust. Do not apply too much pressure.

If your roof is too high, it’s best to hire professionals to clean your skylight blackout blinds.

Skylight blackout blinds: The bottom line

Skylight blackout blinds are different from other roof window coverings. They block all the light coming into a room in order to create a perfectly dark environment. These blinds are perfect for bedrooms, but they can also be installed in other rooms. They can come corded or motorised. Skylight blackout blinds provide light control, temperature regulation, and privacy. When shopping for these blinds, take note of the size and shape of your roof windows. Cleaning your skylight blackout blinds more often will prolong their longevity while minimizing allergies.

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