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Wooden Venetian blinds are an elegant addition to the interior design of any home you use them in. In addition, they block the direct glare of the sun, providing privacy in your space. The addition of quality blinds to any property can increase its resale value. You can never go wrong with cream Venetian wooden blinds.

The yellow-white colour is warm and inviting, and it’s highly versatile when it comes to blending with your interior décor. Play around with the different shades and tints to find what best blends with your existing décor.

If you are designing a new home, it is a beautiful base colour to choose. Unlike white, it paints a picture of a clean, crisp home without being overly sterile.

The design themes you can choose for a home with cream wooden Venetian blinds are varied and spectacular. If these designs are executed well, your home will become an impressive sight. The following are a few ideas of how you can integrate cream wooden Venetian blinds into any style.

Cream Venetian wooden blinds for various interior design styles

Interior décor is an expansive field, and while it boils down to personal preference, interior designers recognise some common styles as a basic requirement. For example, you can successfully use cream wooden Venetian blinds to complement the other pieces of the décor, or you can make it the focal point. 

Wooden Venetian blinds are highly functional and can add aesthetic value to your home. They are simple to operate and cleaning them is a breeze. Their horizontal slats can rotate 180 degrees to offer privacy while at the same time blocking sunlight.

Cream wooden Venetian blinds come in different finishes like matte, satin and gloss. The different finishes help provide varying textures, which are crucial to achieving depth in any design style. Without varying textures, your interior may end up being monotonous.

There are many styles in interior design, which means you don’t have to necessarily stick to one. Experiment with what you have to suit your needs and unique style. So long as the outcome is harmonious, no design style is wrong. Don’t shy away from trying new things, but should you need it, feel free to ask for help from a professional.

Here’s how you can include cream wooden Venetian blinds in your style:

Monochromatic look

A monochromatic look is where one hue features in all aspects of an interior design. Modern and contemporary design styles are known to favour a monochromatic colour scheme. To achieve a monochromatic look, you use a single colour. Variations in shades, tone and tints help break the monotony while creating depth. When you execute a monochromatic colour scheme correctly, it is harmonious and appealing.

Several shades of cream wooden Venetian blinds are available. Your choice depends on whether you are buying blinds to complement an already existing colour scheme or you are creating one. The colour cream is a variation of white. So, colours like eggshell, ivory, off-white, and vanilla can fit into this monochromatic colour scheme.

Should the décor already be in place, on the other hand, choose a cream shade or tint that blends in with the rest of the décor. But if you are designing from scratch, why not ask for samples to see what matches your expectations and build on that?

The horizontal slats of the cream wooden Venetian blinds break the monotony of a plain wall. Pair them up with decorative drapes or use contrasting tapes like black for an accent. Texture variation using throws, rugs and fabrics creates further depth.

The monochromatic look is simple yet provides a relaxing feeling. But if you are one for colours, how about a multi-colour scheme?

Add more colours to your scheme

For a harmonious look, colour pairs should either be analogous, complementary, tetradic or split complementary.

If your walls are pale grey or if you plan to paint them pale grey, then cream wooden Venetian blinds will be perfect for you. Cream is a warm colour and balances the coolness of pure grey. The result is a relaxing atmosphere perfect for the bedroom.

For a more delicate look, go for the contrast of lavender and cream. The two colours complement each other, and their contrast is appealing. If you want the space to have a slightly more rugged look, add more rustic, earthy tones.

Pale green is analogous to cream, which means their place is next to each other on the colour wheel. Analogous colours blend effortlessly and are suitable for any rural-style home.

Having several items in your home in cream, not just the cream wooden Venetian blinds, and adding just the right hint of an accent, will yield an interior that will be the envy of your friends.

Where to use cream wooden Venetian blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds come in natural or faux wood. Faux wood uses PVC composite material. This means it is suitable for use in high moisture areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Faux wood is durable and, unlike natural wood, does not suffer damage when exposed to moisture.

Natural wood is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and nurseries. Natural wood blinds are light in weight and suitable for large-sized windows. Some people require complete darkness to sleep. Should you plan to use cream wooden Venetian blinds for bedrooms, especially ones near street lights, you may need to think about how to ensure the maximum blockage of light. Experts advise pairing Venetian blinds with blackout curtains, as the horizontal slats still allow some light to pass.

Takeaway on cream wooden Venetian blinds

Cream wooden Venetian blinds are excellent at providing privacy and blocking direct sunlight. They add to the resale value of your home in addition to being aesthetically appealing. Decorating your home can be a fun process where you experiment with different shades and textures until you discover what suits you.

Cream wooden Venetian blinds blend well in a monochromatic colour scheme. They also fit well in complementary or analogous colour schemes.

Whatever your style or colour scheme, these blinds make for a perfect addition to your home. Excell Blinds can deliver made-to-measure blinds across the region, including Liverpool, St Helens, Chester and Wirral.

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