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The size of the global window covering market has grown significantly. In 2018, it was valued at $27.6 billion (£19.5 billion), and this figure has been rising since then. Window coverings encompass:

Of the three, blinds seem to be gaining more recognition and popularity. Blinds give you more options to control the amount of light entering your home. They come in various types, designs, colours, and styles to give your home curb appeal.

Before you decide to dress your windows with blinds, it’s important to understand the different types available in the market and how they work. The good thing is that there are many options to suit individual needs. Now, let’s enlighten you about day and night blinds.

What are day and night blinds?

Day and night blinds are the true definition of style and functionality. They consist of alternating sheer and opaque panels to give you more control over sunlight. They have been given various names by different manufacturers, including;

  • Vision blinds
  • Combination blinds
  • Twist blinds
  • And many more

Day and night blinds mimic roller blinds in some respects but have other unique features that roller blinds lack. While other blinds have a single fabric, day and night blinds have two layers of fabric.

How do day and night blinds work?

Day and night blinds have two layers of fabric made of translucent and opaque stripes. The two stripes glide between each other to give an open and close effect. There’s a middle bar that separates the two fabrics.

Day and night blinds provide both privacy and light control. They combine the features of roller and Venetian blinds. Adjust one of the two layers to get a semi-transparent or complete blackout effect. There is a chain or cord used to adjust the slats of the fabric to achieve the desired effects. This applies to manually operated day and night blinds. The fabrics move simultaneously.

There’s an option to motorise day and night blinds for a hands-off control. When motorised, they are adjusted using a remote control device. Just like roller blinds, they roll on a casing situated at the top of the blind to facilitate opening and closing. When the sheer panels are opened, they let in light while maintaining privacy. The opaque panels darken a room by blocking out all the light. This gives you a comfortable environment to watch your favourite movies or to get quality sleep. 

Day and night blinds can be used on almost every window, be it in home or office spaces. They do well in bedrooms, giving you adequate light during the day and total darkness during the night. However, day and night blinds are not suitable for sloping or shaped windows. With the tilted angle, the fabrics of the blinds won’t move smoothly.

Buying and installing day and night blinds

So, you’ve decided to purchase and install day and night blinds. Where do you start?

Before you even think of shopping for this type of blinds, there are various things you’ll need to take into account. First, think of the size of the project. How many blinds do you need?

If you wish to dress all the windows in your home, be prepared to get more blinds. Determine the type and size of your windows and make sure to get an accurate measurement of the windows.

Talk with Excell Blinds for quality blinds

Once you have this information, search for the best place to buy day and night blinds. Scour the internet to find the best deals. Compare prices from different manufacturers until you find the most affordable. Different manufacturers will have different price tags for their products. Don’t be lured by low prices; examine the quality of the product before you make a purchase. Remember, it’s a long-term investment for your home.

If you’re lucky to find a good company, they’ll do all the work for you. Simply place an order, and they’ll do the measurements, recommend a suitable style or colour, and fit the blinds for you. They have professional blind fitters in St Helens, so you don’t need to worry about your investment.

To avoid the hassle of cutting the blinds to fit your windows, purchase made-to-measure day and night blinds. These are custom-made based on your window measurements. Made to measure day and night blinds are easy to install, and they’ll fit perfectly on your window.

Benefits of day and night blinds

There are various window treatments in the market today, including:

Your choice for blinds depends on factors like your needs and preferences, the type, style, and brand of the blind, the cost, and the unique features of the window covering. 

While all window coverings are made to serve similar purposes, some have unique designs and styles to serve your needs better. Here are some reasons to choose day and night blinds.

Light and privacy control

Blinds provide varying degrees of light and privacy control. Day and night blinds block out unnecessary light during the day, giving you the comfort you need to focus on what’s important. They are also suitable for bedrooms and kids’ rooms.

As you no doubt know, the sun produces harmful UV rays that could cause various conditions like dry eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and many more. They are also known for damaging furniture in your home. 

Day and night have a unique design to provide adequate privacy and light control. The double-layered fabrics offer excellent light and privacy controls. Also, you have the opportunity to direct the sunlight to your desired place.

On a sunny day, day and night blinds allow you to filter the amount of light entering your house without completely darkening the room. Adjust the blind panels until they align to suit your individual preference.

Adjust the blinds from bright illumination to full shade covering and anything in between. That’s what makes day and night blinds different from traditional blinds.

If you live near a busy street, day and night blinds are must-haves. You don’t want people keeping an eye on your valuables as they pass near your house. And with all the noise from vehicles, motorbikes, and people, you’ll need to put a barrier on your windows. 


How much do you spend trying to make your home comfortable?

You can potentially cut your energy bills by installing day and night blinds. The double-layered blinds provide insulation as well. On a cold day, they’ll prevent the warm air from escaping the house, cushioning your home from the cold temperatures outside. This makes your house more comfortable while cutting down on energy costs. 

Versatile and durable

Add some value to your home with day and night blinds. Their unique design and style add a decorative element to your home.

Purchase customised day and night blinds to add an aesthetic appeal to your house. Choose between different colours and patterns based on your needs and preference. With these blinds, there is a solution to all your needs.

Generally, blinds are made to last. However, the longevity of your blinds varies depending on various factors. Purchase your window coverings from reputable manufacturers. The quality of the materials used to make the blinds varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, the care you give your blinds will determine how long they’ll last – see below for more on this.

Easy to use

Who doesn’t know how to operate a blind? Day and night blinds come with various control options to give you more convenience. Choose between motorised and manual operation. The manually operated blinds come with an operating chain. With this, you can easily slide the slats to let in or block light without much effort. Simply grab the cord and pull it down until you reach the desired level of light and privacy.

Motorised day and night blinds are more convenient and efficient. Adjust the blinds at the touch of a button. You can do this with a remote control device, a wall switch, or an app on your phone or computer. Motorised controls provide added security to your home.

Adjust the blinds from anywhere you are, even from far away from your home. Integrate the blinds with your home’s automation system. This way, the blinds will adjust at specific times of the day or night.

In the future, we could see day and night blinds with even better controls, something like AI-controlled window treatments.

Day and night blinds with motorised control options are easy to use and safe for unsupervised children and pets. Most of them do not have cords and wires, which reduces strangulation risks. At Excell Blinds, all our blinds come child- and pet-safe as standard.

Maintaining day and night blinds

Like any other product, day and night blinds require special attention to function better and last longer. The good news is that the care and maintenance requirements for these blinds are minimal.  This starts from the installation throughout the blinds’ life.

Check your blinds often to identify any faults. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix the blind as you’ll might incur large costs repairing or replacing the window coverings when damaged. The screws holding the blind might get loose after some time. Check and tighten them periodically, usually after six months.

More importantly, clean your blinds as often as you can. But how do you do that?

How to clean day and night blinds

One of the essential maintenance tips to keeping your blinds durable is keeping them clean, always! Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust that might have accumulated on the blinds. Extra precaution is needed when using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust particles. Set the vacuum cleaner at the lowest speed and be gentle to avoid damaging the fabrics.

The best alternative is to use a damp cloth to clean your day and night blinds. Dip the piece of cloth in a bucket of water and wring it to remove excess water. Remember, the blinds should not stay moist for an extended period. Start from the top and wipe the fabrics going down so that the dirt and dust fall on the ground. You can also wipe from one side to the other, but you have to start from the top slats going down. Do not scrub intensely or use any hard material that could damage the fabrics.

It’s recommended that you avoid using chemical products to clean day and night blinds. Just use warm water, and your blinds will be clean. Chemical cleaners will affect the colour of your blinds and cause imperfections in their appearance.

Once you’re done cleaning one side of your day and night blinds, rotate it and clean the other side. Do not forget to clean the chain as it is part of the blind. Leave the windows wide open so that the blinds dry quickly.

You don’t need to clean the whole blind to remove spillages and stains. Spot cleaning will be enough. Start by identifying the stained part of the blind. Dampen two pieces of cloth using warm water and hold them on both sides of the blind to loosen the stains. Wipe the stain as with general cleaning.

The bottom line

Day and night blinds are stylish, unique, and functional. They come with double layers to help you control light and add privacy to your spaces. The two stripes glide between each other to produce an open and close effect. They are versatile, durable, and easy to use.

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