What are Venetian blinds? A guide to this popular style

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Venetian blinds have been one of our most popular blinds options for a long time, and their popularity is only continuing to increase. They are effective regulating light, improving privacy, and decorating homes and offices in a timeless style.

Given all of the choices available, it can be hard to decide the best type of blinds for you. That’s why, if you’re considering investing in blinds, you’ll want to find out a little more about the different types available. 

In this article, we enlighten you about the most popular style in the industry – Venetian blinds. 

What are Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are window coverings with horizontal slats made of wood, aluminium, or plastic. The slats are located one above another. The blinds are held by cords or fabric tapes. This makes it possible to rotate the slats in unison. These window blinds tilt by up to 180 degrees, giving variable control over the privacy of your space and the light that enters it.

These blinds have been in existence for centuries, yet they are still considered extremely stylish, and they are famous worldwide. The blinds have a sleek design and are suitable for almost every room.

According to historical research, Venetian blinds actually originated from Persia and not Venice. The blinds entered the European market in the 18th century, and they quickly became a popular window covering. And they have remained so ever since! The reason they are called Venetian blinds is that they were brought from the Middle East to Venice by a Venetian merchant.

These blinds are suitable for use in kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and any other spaces. If you have narrow windows, they are a particularly good option.

How do Venetian blinds work?

Before you decide to shop for these blinds, it is best to understand how they work. Venetian blinds operate on three basic mechanisms: the cord lock, the blinds slats, and the tilt mechanism. Once you know about these three mechanisms, you’ll be a step away from operating Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds contain movable slats that are operated by hand. The movable slats open and close, giving you varying degrees of light and privacy controls. The slats can open inward or outward depending on the type of blinds you have. When the slats are closed, they provide a substantial amount of shade for your rooms.

Each of the slats has holes about 5 inches from the end. The lifting threads pass through these holes and are used to turn the slats either clockwise or anti-clockwise. 

The tilt mechanism gives you control over lighting, privacy, and temperature. Tilting the slats upwards keeps a room warm, while tilting them downwards makes it cool. And that’s how the Venetian blind tilt mechanism works!

The cord lock mechanism is hidden away in the top casing. Without it, you won’t be able to close or open your Venetian blinds. Pull the cord of the blinds away from the centre of the window to raise the slats. Lower the slats by pulling the threads towards the centre of the window. Once you adjust the blinds to your preferred height, the cord lock mechanism holds the slats in place. It acts as a braking system, preventing the blinds from moving.

Cord safety measures for Venetian blinds

Since Venetian blinds are corded, you must take some safety precautions to protect your children and pets. Wired blinds pose strangulation risks, especially if your children or pets are left unmonitored.

There are some general safety steps you can take regardless of the specific type of corded blinds you purchase. Firstly, keep the cords far away from children’s reach. Do not leave the cords dangling by the side of the blind. If possible, wind them around a cleat high above the window frame. Also, cutting the loop to remain with two ends will help reduce strangulation risks, thus keeping your toddlers and pets safe.

Alternatively, find safety options for blinds. For instance, you can purchase motorised blinds, which reduce the number of cords you need and are also easy to operate. You only need to press a button to open or close the blinds. They are more convenient compared to manually-operated blinds. 

For corded blinds, you can also add a child safety mechanism to the cord – for Venetian blinds, these are small clips that join the ends of the cords together, but will come apart if subjected to pressure. That means that if anyone were to get caught in the cords, the clips would pop open to prevent any injuries.

Here at Excell Blinds, our blinds come child and pet safe as standard.

Choosing the right Venetian blind material for your spaces

As discussed above, these blinds can be made from different materials, including wood, aluminium, and plastic. Your choice depends on where you want them installed, the cost of the material, and many other factors. Let’s explore different alternatives.

Aluminium Venetian blinds are durable and easy to operate. They work best in high moisture areas like the bathroom and kitchen. They are an easy way to add style and class to your home. What’s more, they are cost-effective in comparison to other options.

If you’re looking to add a natural, elegant design element to your home, wooden Venetian blinds are the perfect choice. Wooden Venetian blinds can be made from a range of natural woods, depending on the style you prefer.

There’s even an option for faux wood Venetian blinds, which are more durable than ordinary wood. This type of Venetian blind can be used even in high moisture areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Even when exposed to hot and humid conditions, synthetic wood Venetian blinds won’t peel, crack or warp.

When choosing the right Venetian blind for your spaces, consider the quality of the materials. Get your blinds from reputable manufacturers. If you can’t find one, get recommendations from friends or family. Scour the internet and read reviews online to identify the best manufacturer. Excell Blinds have been in the industry for many years and are an excellent choice for your needs.

Compare prices from various companies and manufacturers. However, don’t always let price determine the blinds to choose. The aim is to get high-quality Venetian blinds at an affordable rate.

Why are Venetian blinds so popular?

There are so many options for window coverings, and yet a majority of people still go for Venetian blinds. This is because of the many benefits that come with this type of blind. Here are some of the benefits they offer.

Light and privacy control

Venetian blinds give you control over the light entering your home while maintaining your privacy. On brighter days, close them to keep excess light at bay. Sunlight can be a lovely thing, but it can also be damaging at times. The excess UV rays can damage your furniture. The rays are also harmful to the skin. 

With these blinds, you won’t need to close the windows when there’s too much light. Keep the blinds closed and enjoy watching your favourite movie in a relaxed, dark environment with no glare. If your windows face directly onto the street, window coverings will help keep off prying eyes.

Venetian blinds are versatile

With Venetian blinds, you have many options when it comes to the material used to make them, ranging from wood to aluminium. The blinds come in various unique styles, designs, and colours to suit your individual needs. Choose a colour that best matches your desires.

These window blinds are highly customizable. You can adjust them to suit the needs of your particular space and lifestyle.

They are elegant and classy

One thing is for sure: Venetian blinds will always be on-trend. The type, colour, style, and design options enable you to add a sense of class and elegance to your home. Venetian blinds have been in use for centuries, yet they haven’t become outdated or lost their classy appearance. Wooden blinds, in particular, bring natural beauty to your home.

An affordable option

Compared to other window treatments, Venetian blinds can be a cost-effective choice. However, despite being affordable, these window coverings still function much better than some other, more expensive options. They enable you to save money while enjoying all the benefits that blinds can offer.

Easy maintenance

You don’t need to do much to maintain Venetian blinds. That’s because these window treatments are durable and can last for ages. However, you still have to keep the blinds functional through cleaning and basic maintenance. The first tip for maintaining these blinds, which we will explain below, is regular cleaning. Also, check the blinds frequently to determine and resolve any faults in time.

How to clean and maintain Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are easy to clean. To remove dust, simply vacuum the wooden or aluminium slats. Do this every few weeks to maintain a like-new appearance. Alternatively, use a feather duster or soft cloth to wipe off the dust and dirt. Wipe the dust from top to bottom.

However, vacuuming or wiping off dust alone is not always a sufficient way to clean Venetian blinds. This is why you need to give the blinds a deep clean occasionally.  You should do this after every few months. For this, you’ll need to take down the blinds. 

The bottom line

Venetian blinds are a popular and stylish option to cover windows of all kinds in a range of different spaces. They originated from Persia before spreading to Europe and the entire world. They operate on three main mechanisms: the cord lock mechanism, the slats, and the tilt mechanism.

When shopping for Venetian blinds, consider the type of material, operating options, and safety. These window treatments provide light and privacy control and are a versatile solution for homes and offices. Now that you know everything about these blinds, it’s time to invest and use them on your windows. You can call Excell Blinds and we’ll deliver your new venetian blinds straight to your office or home, we can deliver across the North West including Warrington, St Helens and Altrincham.

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