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Roller blinds are flexible and easy to operate. They come in various stylish designs that can complement your home décor. They provide long-lasting elegance to your home. While there will likely be no need to take down your roller blinds regularly, there are some instances where you have to. Some reasons we’ll discuss in this post include:

  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Replacement
  • Readjustment

Different blinds have various ways of removing them from their bracket and the window. Some are easier than others to remove from the wall.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to take down certain roller blinds. This post presents our simple guide on how to take down a roller blind. But first, why not watch our handy video to see just how to do it?

Roll the blind up

It’ll be challenging to take down the blind when it’s still covering your windows. So, the first step is to close the roller blind. They usually come with a pull string to help close or open them. Hold the string and pull it down to roll the blind up, making it easier to take it down.

Once the blind is up, it becomes easier to access the brackets behind the headrail. Also, this makes it effortless to handle and protect the roller blind once it’s down.

Sometimes the blinds won’t roll up for various reasons. If this happens, spin the spool counter-clockwise with your hands. The spool is the cylindrical device or bar that the fabric winds around.

Remove the safety clip

Some types of corded roller blinds can pose strangulation risks to your pets and children. That’s why safety clip devices come with some blinds. The safety devices hold the cords or chains keeping them out of reach for children and pets. For instance, since roller blinds have looped chains, some use a tensioning device to keep them safe. 

When taking down roller blinds, you’ll need to remove the safety clip. The clip is usually placed on the adjacent surface and at the maximum distance from the cap of the roller blind. The safety clip holds the chains or cords permanently stretched. You’ll need a screwdriver to remove them. Use it to loosen and remove the screw holding the safety clip. Pull the safety clip off the wall.

If the roller blind doesn’t have a pulley chain, this step won’t be necessary. Here at Excell Blinds, our roller blinds come child- and pet-safe as standard, so you’ll have no need for concern.

Check out each bracket type

There should be brackets on both sides of the roller blind holding it in place. One side holds the roller while the other secures the roller to the brackets with the help of a safety clamp. If your windows are high, use a step ladder to access the brackets.

If the brackets are sealed, remove the bracket covers to access them. Identify the side with the safety clamp, as this is the one that attaches the blind to the brackets.

Remove the blinds from the brackets

Once you’ve identified the side with the clamp, lift to get it off the brackets. When you lift it up, you’ll find the space to pull off and take it out.

Some roller blinds have a serrated disc on one end instead of a clamp. The disk will be on the opposite side of the pull chain. Here, you’ll need to rotate the disc counter-clockwise. Once it clicks, the blind will be unlocked from the bracket. Pull down the roller blind to take it out.

Sometimes the wheel might get stuck, making it hard to come off the brackets. Use a dull knife or a similar tool to push it off the brackets.

When taking down a roller blind, don’t force it out. This is especially important if you’re planning to install it back on your window. The blind should come out without much effort. If it doesn’t, find out where it’s stuck and try to remove it again gently.

How to take down a roller blind: Remove the brackets

If you’re replacing the blinds completely, you’ll need to take down the brackets as well. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws holding the brackets to the wall. Once the screws are out, pull out the brackets from the wall. 

At this stage, the process is complete. However, you’ll want to fill the holes left by the screws. Get a wall putty, a spackling paste, or a filler from a local paint store, or order it online. Squeeze the filler into each hole and spread it smoothly using a knife. Give it some time to dry before applying a paint finish.

Why do you need to take down a roller blind?

You might be wondering why you need to take down roller blinds in the first place. There are various reasons for taking down roller blinds, but we’ll give you the three most common.

The first one is to clean your blinds. You won’t always dust or spot clean your roller blinds when they are up. Take them down once in a while and soak them to remove all the dirt and debris. Before you deep clean your roller blinds, consider the type of fabric the blind is made from. Some materials do not do well with water or other liquid cleaners.

When your roller blinds won’t open, you’ll need to take them down to diagnose and solve the problem. If possible, repair the damage and install the blind back to its mounting. If not, you might want to seek help from professional blind fitters or replace the blind altogether. 

The other reason to take down your roller blinds is when you’re replacing them. Blinds are made to last a long time, especially if you buy quality blinds from reputable manufacturers. But no blinds will last forever. At some point, you’ll need to replace them with new ones. If you’re upgrading your blinds, you have to take down the existing roller blinds. There are various blinds options that come with smart features for safety and convenience. 

The bottom line on how to take down a roller blind

You don’t need professional knowledge or skills to take down a roller blind. All you need is our handy guide, and you’re good to go. 

First, close the blinds to make the whole process simple. Remove the safety clip from the wall before checking out the bracket type. Locate the end with the clamp and pull it up and out. If you’re completely removing the blind, you can then loosen the screws holding the brackets on the walls to take down the brackets. Fill the holes with a filler or spackling paste and give it some time to dry.

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