How to measure for vertical blinds: A step-by-step guide & video tutorial

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Vertical blinds are perfect for dressing large windows, sliding doors, and patio doors. But how do you ensure you get quality blinds that are exactly fitted to your windows? At Excell Blinds, we understand that getting perfectly fitting window coverings begins with accurate measurements of the places you want to use the blinds. If you are unsure of what you are doing, contact us so we can help you measure and even install the vertical blinds for you.

Fortunately, the process of measuring for vertical blinds isn’t hard, you just need a few tools and a bit of knowledge in order to do it. Here’s all you need to know.

The tools you need to measure vertical blinds

Just like any other project, you don’t just need your skills and your hands, you should also have the right tools to make your work easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A steel measuring tape
  • A pencil to mark and write your measurements
  • A worksheet to record your findings
  • A ladder (if necessary) for tall windows

Here are some tips to help you come up with an accurate measurement:

  • Do not mix up the height and width measurements when writing them down because interchanging them may result in a blind that doesn’t fit
  • If you are measuring for more than one window, don’t assume they are the same. Go round each of them and record their individual measurements. Slight variations you may encounter can make a huge difference in how the blinds fit.

How to measure for inside vertical blinds

As the name suggests, inside vertical blinds are designed to use on the inside of window or door frames. With these, you can achieve a sleek appearance that accentuates window mouldings to perfectly fit into your interior décor. If you are looking for a way to measure vertical blinds, here’s how.

  1. Start by measuring the depths of your window to be sure inside vertical blinds are the right choice. Begin with the front towards the glass. Record your findings then refer to the requirements of the blind you are about to use in that space. If there are window handles involved, make sure the remaining space is sufficient to hold your blinds.
  2. Following the depth, your next measurement is the width of the window. These should be the measurements at the top of the window.
  3. The next measurement is the height of the window. Measure the height on your right, then at the centre, and then finish with the height on your left. The shortest measurement of the three is what you need to record to fit in your blinds.
  4. Double-check that you have accurate measurements for every space you just measured.

How to measure for outside vertical blinds

As the name suggests, outside vertical blinds are installed on the outside of your window or doors. At Excell Blinds, we recommend these for glass doors or patios because they look better there. Here’s how to measure for outside vertical blinds:

  1. Begin with considering the mounting requirements of the blinds just to be sure the walls above your entrance or window are right for them.
  2. It’s important for your door or window to have side trims if you intend to block prying eyes and light on the outside. If your windows don’t have trims, add four inches on the sides of your windows. Measure the widths between these additions in a straight line. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t install vertical blinds on window trims.
  3. Measure the height needed to fit your vertical blinds from the bottom going up. This means starting about two inches above your sill (if your window or door has one). Leave enough space at the top for the mounting hardware to fit (often three inches above the window or door).
  4. Double-check to make sure your measurements are accurate because the vertical blinds will be the exact measurements as specified. Any mistakes here will be replicated in the final product!

How to choose and measure vertical blinds

Once you’ve measured for your windows or doors, it’s time to measure the vertical blinds. Here are tips to get accurate measurements:

  • Use a steel measuring tape for accuracy
  • Start measuring the width before the height
  • Record your findings to avoid mixing up the measurements
  • When you are done, countercheck the measurements to be sure they are right

Consider bunching and controls

Before you decide on which vertical blinds are suitable for your windows or doors, consider how they open and close. If they open from the right side to the left, choose blinds that bunch to the left (left bunch). On the other hand, if your windows or sliding doors open left to right, choose vertical blinds that bunch to the right (right bunch blinds).

If you go for blinds that bunch to the right, make sure the wand control is on the left-hand side. However, if your blinds bunch on the left, the wand control should be on the right-hand side when the blind is closed. This offers convenience during use and looks better as well.

Consider outside mount or face-fitting blinds

Typically, outside mount vertical blinds hang on the outside of the door or window to cover a larger surface than the window opening. These are appropriate for windows without depth or trims. So make sure you measure for vertical blinds to fit in this manner if your windows are of this type. If there’s enough depth then perfect fit blinds are a good choice.

Steps to buying vertical blinds

When you’ve decided that blinds are the right fittings for your windows, the next step is buying them. In an advanced world where you can buy things virtually without having to leave your own home, it’s can be a convenient choice to buy your vertical blinds online.

However, there are limitations to this approach. For instance, it can be hard to decide exactly the best style and design of blinds for your space. Online, you will only have pictures to look at. By visiting a showroom, or having a reputable supplier visit your home for a consultation, you can see samples and get expert advice tailored to your requirements.

So, how do you go about buying high-quality and accurately measured blinds?

Find a good seller

Just typing “vertical blinds” into a search engine is enough to find you a great many sellers of blinds around the UK – in fact, far too many to choose from! And the key problem, of course, is that the search doesn’t always take you to the best choice of seller.

So it’s always a good idea to do some research and find a reliable vendor like Excell Blinds. You can do this by reading the customer reviews and testimonials. It’s also important for the seller to be a local vendor so you can reach them fast in case of a problem. You want a seller that will be available to install and offer support when you are stuck.

Determine the types of blinds you need

Blinds come in all manner of shapes and designs. In our case, we are looking to buy vertical blinds. Still, you need to choose the colour, materials and state any other specifics you wish your blinds would have. Again, looking at samples and getting professional advice can be extremely helpful at this stage.

Provide the measurements of your windows

Measurements are extremely important because these are what the manufacture will need to sell you a useful blind. Only provide the exact measurements of your openings, the factory will measure the necessary allowances to make sure your blinds fit. Follow our how to measure for vertical blinds guide above.

However, if you are not confident in taking measurements, or simply want the peace of mind of knowing that your blinds will fit perfectly, why not ask the seller to do it on your behalf? Any reputable manufacturer will be happy to come and measure your blinds for you. Their expertise will mean the measurements are completely exact.

Make payment for your purchase

This is pretty obvious, but once everything is decided on, it’s time to pay! Each product has its price tag and if you need extra service, you can inquire how much it costs.

At Excell Blinds, we make your purchase for our services smooth and quick. Your blinds are made to fit perfectly and easy to install if you decide to do it on your own. But if you need any assistance, we are always available to help you out.

Final thoughts on how to measure for vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a great choice for large windows and sliding doors including patio entrances. But you can only get a good fit if you accurately measure where you want to use them. Proper measurements ensure you get vertical blinds that fit properly. How do you do it? We have shown you above how to go about measuring inside and outside blinds. Measure and record the width and drop measurements; don’t mix up your figures.

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