How to fix uneven blinds: a step-by-step guide & video tutorial

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Whether you use blinds for your office windows or at home, they are capable of transforming your space in a way nothing else can. But just like any other interior design feature, they can get damaged for one reason or another. When this happens, you need to replace or repair them. If you are here, your blinds are likely stuck, and you’re looking for how to fix your uneven blinds.

With our step by step guide and video tutorial provided below, you will hopefully be able to fix the issue quite easily. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Diagnose the issue

The first step towards fixing any blind issues is finding where the problem lies. You can do this by manoeuvring it and observing how it’s working.

One of the most common issues is that the string is partially caught in the cord lock at the top of the blind. Double-check to make sure. If so, you can usually pull it loose. However, be very gentle – you don’t want to cause any damage. If it’s seriously stuck, you may need to consult a professional to help you take the blinds apart.

You may also find that the cords themselves have become uneven. Compare the lengths of the two cords that are used to raise your blinds. If one is longer than the other, that will explain the issue. Make sure to tie the cords off at the same length, and that should fix the problem.

Unfortunately, in some cases the issue is more complex and harder to solve. In order to work out exactly what has gone wrong, you may need to take your blinds down for a closer look.

How to fix your uneven blinds: Bring the blinds down

You’ll need to unhook your blinds from where they are attached to bring them down. Get a ladder or stool to help you reach the top without straining. Then use the flat head screwdriver to open up the top panel of the blinds. This will help you access the blind shade only (also called the valence) to be able to handle the part of the blind that you want to repair.

Check the manufacture’s manual about removing the valence from its installed state. Here’s our guide on taking down a roller blind. 

Identify any knots or catches in the strings

With your blinds down, you can now remove the bottom panels to access the strings underneath that connect the various panels. Remove the child safety washers (and keep them safe), cut off the knots on the ends of your strings, then gently pull the strings to see if they are moving smoothly. You should be able to do this while holding the remaining part of the bottom panels in one of your hands. If by any chance the cord is stuck, check for any knots within the panels and untie or cut them off.

If this still does not remedy the issue, or you cannot see any obvious issues with the strings, you should contact a professional to help you repair your blinds. Otherwise you risk making the matter worse.

Clean your blinds to prevent future issues

If this issue has been resolved, it’s a good idea to give your blinds a thorough cleaning. Built-up dirt or dust can be a major cause of issues with blinds, and, as always, prevention is better than cure!

To dust your blinds, you can simply use a feather duster or the appropriate attachment on your vacuum cleaner. For fabric blinds, you can also use some warm water to help clean out stubborn stains. If you have taken your blinds down to diagnose the issue, this is a good opportunity to do so.

Just be wary of using any cleaning products on your blinds – they may potentially stain or otherwise damage the materials. If you’re unsure, consult the manufacturer.

Install the blinds back on your window or door

Once you’ve fixed and cleaned your blinds, it’s time to install them back. Make sure they are facing the right side. Use your ladder or stool to get you in the right position and fit them back. Once you’ve returned the blinds in place, fit the panel back as well.

What about uneven cordless blinds?

If you are working with uneven cordless blinds, don’t straighten them by pulling the shorter side of the blind. Instead, pull the lower middle section without tangling the ribbons. Doing this activates stringless blinds to recoil. Don’t overstretch the blind during the tugging process. This should solve the problem.

If it doesn’t work, you need to check the friction clips to be sure they are working properly. Remove the excess ones one by one as you test your blind.

If the issue persists, you are better off calling a professional repair person to examine where the problem lies. This could be a defective spring system or any other broken component which might require replacement.

Final thoughts on how to fix uneven blinds

If one side of your blinds looks higher than the other side, then you are likely dealing with a problem with the strings. You should try manoeuvring the blinds to see if it can go back in the right position but when this doesn’t work, think about replacing the strings. You can take the blinds down to fully diagnose the issue, but be wary of trying to do complex repairs yourself. Hopefully you will be easily able to fix your problem but if it doesn’t work for you, contact a professional to help you out or buy another set of blinds.

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