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You could be in the process of buying blinds for your windows and want some questions answered first before you invest. Or just had perfect fit blinds installed and wondering if you’ve made a wise investment and want the answer to this question “Do perfect fit blinds damage windows?” The answer is “No”. In this post, we provide an understanding as to why perfect fit blinds would not damage your windows.

Perfect fit blinds are the best solution for your windows especially if you constantly open and close them. These window treatments are clipped right to the window frame to let you operate your window normally without worrying about anything blocking their motion. The perfect solution for bifolds, french doors, conservatories, and any other unusual windows and openings where other blinds wouldn’t fit.

How perfect fit blinds work

Perfect fit blinds are DIY friendly because they take away the confusion you’d have when installing other types of blinds. They come with everything you need to fit them. There’s no room for creating clutter during installation or a hazardous environment for kids or pets. Needless to say, they don’t tamper with the condition of your windows in any way. How do they work?

Clip in to fit

You need no tools or laborious hours to install perfect fit blinds. You won’t drill your window frames or poke holes in the walls. Just 10 minutes of your time is enough to have your blind up and working. They come with a clip-in fitting system that even first time DIY installers can use. This is a great solution for those that live in rented property with strict regulations never to scratch window frames and walls.

Come with their frame

These window treatments come encased within a frame. That’s why their installation appears sleek when you fit them into your windows. Because of this casing, you won’t need to worry about the blind flapping or swaying and hitting your window or door glasses to damage them. This feature also eliminates the issue of noise that you may experience from other blind styles.

Perfect fit blinds accommodate motion 

Unless your doors and windows are for decorative purposes, they are made to move by opening and closing. But most blinds make it hard to complete this motion. If you try to force the door or window to open all the way, it’s likely to get scratches on the frames, beaking the glass, or leaving unsightly dents on the frames.

Perfect fit blinds do just the opposite. They are specially designed so they handle the swings, tilts and turns without causing any damage. They clip into the pane so that when you move your window or door, they move with it. In addition (as mentioned earlier) they don’t flap even in the wind.

Do perfect fit blinds interfere with the interior décor?

No, you don’t have to worry about these blinds clashing with your interior design features. In fact, they are designed to look sleek when installed. They also come in different materials, colours, and designs which makes it easier to match most décor themes. You can get anything from perfect fit Venetian blinds, perfect fit roman blinds, perfect fit roller blinds, to perfect fit pleated blinds. With perfect fit blinds, there’s always something for everyone.

Reach out to Excell Blinds for different styles, materials, patterns and finishes or perfect fit blinds.

Get the right size of perfect fit blind for your windows

To avoid any complications during and after the installation of perfect fit blinds, you should measure your windows right. Start with a compatibility check to be sure there’s enough space for the clipping. Measure the width of your windowpane, the height of your windowpane (pane drop), and the depth of the window. Approach a seller with accurate measurements and they will recommend the best options for your windows or doors.

Fit your perfect fit blinds right

As mentioned earlier, no special tools are needed to fit these blinds. It would take just 10 minutes to fit them without any help. Find a pencil, a drop of cooking oil and a credit card or an equivalent of it.

Lay the complete frame of the blind on the ground as though it was in your window. Depending on the size of your blind, you may have four or six brackets. Take each of them and slot them between the glass and rubber seal. Use the card to open a gap as you slide the brackets in. In case the brackets are not sliding in as you expect, a touch of oil will make it easier. Be careful not to leave marks on the window glass.

Take your blinds frame and fit it over the brackets. Push the frame firmly at the points where the brackets are located – a click sound is a confirmation that the frame is fitting right.

Do perfect fit blinds damage windows? Final thought

Do perfect fit blinds damage windows? No, they don’t unless you cause the damage during the fitting process. This, however, is an impossibility as perfect fit blinds are some of the easiest blinds to install out there. You don’t have to worry when you invest in perfect fit blinds because they offer value for money when it comes to day to day and long time use without causing any damages.

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