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Perfect fit blinds are stylish window treatments that are great for most types of windows. You can install them anywhere in your home including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, and even in commercial spaces. If you go with custom made perfect blinds, they take the exact shape and size of your window. Fitting them is not a difficult process as no crew holes or drilling is required. By the end of it, you have a streamlined and neat installation that is easy to operate.

Perfect blinds can take on any design as long as custom made to fit into your windows. These include:

As much as perfect fit blinds come with a lot of practicality and other benefits, they are not invincible. They’ll require cleaning and maintenance. It’s inevitable to encounter some perfect fit blinds problems that you’ll have to sort out to continue using your installation. Knowing this, we’ve put together this guide to help you in case of any issue.

Perfect fit blinds problems for roller blinds

Perfect fit blind won’t open

Just like any other blind, your perfect fit blinds could fail to open as expected. Diagnosing this issue is simple: try tagging on the cords or any other operative mechanism your blinds are using. The cord may get stuck at some point, maybe at the start, halfway, or towards the end. If you are using the electric system, switching the operation on and off will help you identify the problematic part. The solution is often to increase the spring tension.

  • Remove the blind from its bracket
  • Take out the cap that’s covering the pin
  • Make the pin tighter until it can’t tighten anymore. Pliers may be useful for this purpose
  • Place the cap back or replace it if needed
  • Return the blind back up
  • Operate it normally

Perfect fit blinds won’t stay where I position it

If your roller blind is moving up and down just fine but won’t stay in a position you place it, then it needs some troubleshooting. Most likely, it will be because of a dusty ratchet that needs lubrication. Here’s what to do:

  • Remove the blind from the bracket
  • Roll the fabric up until the ratchet is exposed
  • Take a vacuum cleaner then blow the ratchet clean
  • Apply lubrication over the ratchet and make sure it’s running smoothly
  • Return the blind in the window frame
  • Operate your perfect blind normally

Perfect fit blind rolls up and down but too slowly (or too quickly)

The problem could be with your tension spring. What should you do?

  • Roll your blind all the way down
  • Bring the blind down from the window
  • Use your hand (instead of the operation mechanism) to roll the blind down halfway 
  • Replace the brackets (this should sort the issue)
  • Hang the blind up again and operate it

If the blind is rolling up too quickly then roll the blind up to the top. Then unroll it till halfway by using your hand (this should sort the issue). Install the blind back and start using it.

Perfect fit blinds problems for roman blinds

One side of the blind is lower (uneven blinds)

If your blind is uneven, then there’s an issue with at least one of the cords. The cord could be tangled and stuck or cut at some point. If you are looking for a detailed guide to fix uneven blinds, here is our fixing uneven blinds post plus a video tutorial on the subject. Here’s what you should do:

  • Find the cord away from the end you operate your blind from
  • Naturally, this string should be the longest among the four (often)
  • Chances are it’s broken and stuck somewhere in the blind, it could be stuck because of a knot, the string could be too long (or too short). Try identifying the specific issue by checking the tension in the string and the specific problematic point
  • Measure a replacement string with the same thickness as what you have
  • Replace the cord with a new one (use a longer one if the initial one was too short. Use a shorter one if what the blind had was too long). This is subject to the measurements you need to make the blind.
  • At the back of your roman blind should be looped. They shouldn’t be broken or damaged in any way
  • If there are damages to the loops, then replace them. Just make sure you wrap your cord the right way
  • You might want to replace all your strings so they are of the same colour and quality
  • Tie your new strings to the ends of the old ones then pull out the old ones until the new strings appear on the other end
  • Once you’ve fixed the strings in your roman blind, hang it back in its position and operate it as you would usually

The blind isn’t folding up neatly

If you have a problem where your roman blind is not folding up neatly, then chances are the fabric isn’t ironed. To solve this problem:

  • Takedown your blind from the window
  • Make sure the fabric is clean
  • Lay the blind down then iron the fabric to remove any creases (this should solve the problem)
  • Return the blind back up and use it as usual

Perfect fit blinds problems for vertical blinds

A damaged slat

Most people give up on their blind when slat damage because they don’t know how to go about it. This shouldn’t be a problem anymore as long as you have the contacts of the seller of your blind. Some vendors are generous to offer warranties against your blind slats damages. But in most instances, you’ll buy from vendors willing to help you fix such issues throughout the lifetime of your blind. When a slat destroys:

  • Reach out to the seller to get a slat you can use to replace the damaged one
  • Bring down your blind
  • Find a way to slide out the damaged slat before replacing it with the new one
  • Install the new slat by pushing it through the stem as you make sure it aligns with the stem clip
  • Do some arrangements to the blinds to suit your needs
  • Return the blind back up and operate it as usual

A broken connecting chain

  • Contact your supplier to see if they have a replacement chain
  • This might cost you depending on the length of your blind and the number of clips needed for a complete vertical blind
  • How do you know the number of clips required? By multiplying the number of the slats by two
  • Remove the current connecting chain and replace the old one – follow the guidelines provided on the packaging of the chain (which might be different depending on the brand you are using)
  • Once your blind is in good shape again, hang it where it’s used and operate it normally

One or some of the slats are not working coordinating with others

Fixing this problem might just be the easiest of them all.

  • Identify the step that’s not in sync with others
  • Hold the stem and twist it until it clicks back in the right position
  • This will work depending on the brand you are using. If you have tried to twist the slat but it won’t budge, the issue could be the internal mechanism that doesn’t allow for manual alteration
  • If that’s the case, make sure you are using guidelines from the manufacture. Otherwise, reach out to your supplier to help you with the fixing

Slats not rotating well

  • Bring the blind down to check the headrail
  • If a pulley system is what you are using, make sure the chain hasn’t come off the sprocket wheel
  • Loop it back around the sprocket wheel and try moving it around
  • If it works correctly, return it back to the window and use it as usual

Blinds refusing to open

  • Remove the blinds from up the window
  • Check inside the headrail
  • Wipe it clean to remove any trapped dust and debris
  • Get a lubricant and apply it on the wheels, chain, and other internal mechanisms

How to avoid perfect fit blinds problems

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to keeping your perfect fit blinds in top shape. Some of the things you should do include:

  • Regular dusting to prevent a build-up of dust in the operating mechanisms
  • Operate them carefully, don’t tag the cords too hard
  • Work with the fabrics gently when using the blind and when cleaning because they can be delicate
  • Untangle the strings whenever they intertwin to avoid snapping

Final thoughts on perfect fit blinds problems

The best way to install or repair your blinds is through professional help. That way you avoid all the hassle and do a clean job. Here at Excell Blinds, we provide the best and stylish quality perfect fit blinds for all types of windows. Our team of experts installs and does repairs you might require along the way.

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