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Blinds have carved a place for themselves in many homes and offices thanks to their functionality and stylish designs. In addition to making your home more elegant, blinds also ensure privacy. Compared to other window dressings, they are affordable and there is plenty of styles to choose from. Materials for making blinds range from low cost, simple yet beautiful and even high-class designer materials that display affluence.

The styles have evolved from the traditional, more known Venetian and vertical blinds to modern contemporary minimalist designs. Designs such as the day and night blinds incorporate the functionality of transparent and opaque materials in one blind. Not to be confused with double roller blinds, the day and night blind results in a more stylish window cover that gives optimum light control regardless of the time of day.

We will look at how day and night blinds work, why you should choose them, and also where you can use them.

How do day and night blinds work?

During the day, we are looking to allow natural light into our home though we may need to filter depending on how intense the glare is. Or block the light at night to create a conducive atmosphere for sleep. Day and night blinds, also known as twist or zebra blinds, serve both functions exceptionally well.

The blind comprises horizontal stripes of transparent material and opaque/blackout alternately. Day and night blinds operate similar to roller blinds using a chain or cord. For more convenience, you may also consider opting for motorised blinds. The blinds fabric design is such that it forms two fabric layers.

But though you have two fabric layers, unlike double roller blinds, which operate independently of one another. The day and night blind operate from a single control panel. The front layer remains static while the back moves to align the stripes. When the transparent stripes are aligned, you achieve the ‘day’ look but matching the opaque stripes gives you total privacy.

The day look allows you to see outside but still maintain privacy. Like Venetian blinds, you can control how much light you filter by moving the stripes. For homeowners, they are the only blinds that feature horizontal stripes offering you more control over privacy in a modern, stylish blind.

A closed day and night blind in white and grey with cream curtains drawn back at either side.

Why choose day and night blinds?

These blinds offer you two functions in one blind, saving you money as you don’t need extra dressing for your window. Some of the benefits of day and night blinds are:

Thermal insulation

The two layers of fabric trap air which is helpful during all seasons. During winter, they trap warm air keeping your home warm. While in the summertime, they reflect the heat cooling your home. This action not only makes your home cosy but also saves you money on power costs as you reduce your air conditioning and heating.

Optimum light and privacy control

Day and night blinds give you total control over how much you want to let into a room. If you need to nap during the day, simply close the blinds by matching the opaque stripes. But if you need to read a book softening the light and creating the right ambience is a matter of pulling the cord or chain. All this in a single-blind.

Easy to operate

Their operation is simple for anyone to understand. All you need to do is pull the cord or chain to achieve what you want. The blinds also come with a motorised option, which is more convenient. Smart options that can be controlled from your smartphone are also available.


When choosing the opaque stripe colours, you need to go for colours that match your scheme. They are available in dark colours such as black, greys and browns among others. Though these colours are many people’s favourites, they are available in other colours as well. 

You can get them in neutrals such as creams or vivid colours such as reds and greens. The point is to pick what style suits your home best and makes you happy. The alternate stripes add dimension and texture to your overall interior design.

A pair of closed day and night blinds set up in the kitchen.

Where to use day and night blinds

The day and night blinds suit many rooms in the home, such as nurseries, bedrooms and living rooms. These blinds are an excellent means of controlling glare on your monitors at the office in an elegant manner. 


Babies take naps at any time of the day. Day and night blinds ensure you can have total blackout even during the day. Blackout blinds will help your baby enjoy their naps during the day and night.


Studies have shown that for better quality sleep, a complete blackout is necessary. Day and night blinds ensure you can achieve a conducive atmosphere for the best sleep. In addition, relaxing with a book is now possible as you only need to adjust the horizontal stripes, and the light softens.


Day and night blinds are excellent for the office environment. The transparent fabric filters the light taking care of glare on your monitor. Now you don’t have to keep on adjusting the brightness of your computer.

With the effective control of light using day and night blinds, you can enjoy the sunshine, although filtered as you work.

Entertainment room

When you decide to watch a movie simply, align the opaque stripes. At the same time, the day function is an excellent choice for playing a card game.

Take away on day and night blinds

Day and night blinds bring the functionality of blackout material and light filtering sheer fabric together in one blind. The stylish and elegant blinds are helpful during the day and at night. They are suited for most rooms in the home. These blinds are energy efficient, helping you save costs on power bills thanks to space between the two layers. They are also easy to operate and look stunning on your windows. They are available in a variety of colours, both neutral and vivid giving everyone lots of options.

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