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The stylish and elegant-looking concertina blinds are named after the musical instrument, thanks to the folds that form when the blinds are open. The folds add texture and give your space a more modern contemporary look. Concertina blinds are also known as pleated blinds and come in either a single layer or multi-layers.

The multi-layered concertina blinds form cells between the fabric, which is very useful in thermal insulation. They come in various materials, including paper, cotton, nylon, polyester, among others. With colours ranging from cream, grey, and beige. While bolder and more vivid colours are available too.

One can easily customise concertina blinds to fit odd-shaped windows like arch and triangle windows. They have a slim profile making them suitable for bifold doors, plus they also come in perfect fit frames. In addition, they are also available in blackout, dimout, and moisture resistant materials and therefore ideal for various rooms in the home, including your home office and bedroom.

But first…

What are concertina blinds?

Single layered concertina blinds comprise a continuous piece of pleated fabric. At the same time, multilayered concertina blinds, also known as cellular blinds, have multiple layers. The layers form hexagonal cells when they join. The cells flatten when the blind is open, and then open when you shut the blind.

They may operate using the cord or handle. Unlike other blinds, the threading of the cord is hidden in the layers eliminating unsightly hanging cords and adding to child safety features. Single layered pleated blinds may have pinholes that result from cord threading holes.

The single-layer concertina blinds mostly come in translucent/sheer material. Enjoy the view from inside the house through the translucent blinds. But they prevent prying eyes from invading your privacy in addition to muting the natural light.

Concertina blinds are lightweight, making them suitable for large windows such as conservatory and bay windows. They are also ideal for skylights, both flat roof windows and angled windows.

A set of brown pleated blinds.

Types of concertina blinds

Thanks to advanced technology, different materials bring unique solutions to window dressing. For instance, blackout fabric enhances the atmosphere in the bedroom, while a dimout fabric is perfect for the living room. Having many options makes it easy for a homeowner to have identical blinds for different rooms throughout the house. They are:

Blackout concertina blinds

While some people may sleep anywhere, most, however, require a conducive environment to sleep. Often this means minimising the amount of light in the room as much as possible. Regardless of the location of your home, whether adjacent to a street light or maybe you work the night shift and need some shut-eye during the day, blackout concertina blinds will create that atmosphere for you.

If you plan to redecorate your bedroom or update window covers, you should consider blackout concertina blinds for the bedroom. You will easily find a colour that suits your bedroom décor, and the pleats add a layered look to your windows.

A pair of blackout concertina blinds used to engulf the room in complete darkness.

Dimout concertina blinds

Dimout blinds soften the light and give a perfect shading for living rooms, kitchens, and offices. They are especially suited for the office as they reduce the glare of direct sunlight on monitors while providing privacy, enabling you to work more efficiently. If your reception is facing the street, consider installing dimout concertina blinds.

A pair of dimout concertina blinds

Bathroom windows will benefit from the soft light and added privacy you need only ensure you choose these blinds in moisture-resistant fabric. Conservatories feature large windows and roof windows which may sometimes require the shading of dimout concertina blinds when the sun becomes too much.

Skylight concertina blinds

Most modern homes are incorporating skylights into their design to maximise natural light use during the day. But sometimes, the direct glare needs muting to protect furniture upholstery and other interior décor pieces such as paintings. Concertina blinds are lightweight and, therefore, suitable for the skylight. They come in different materials to suit the needs of different rooms.

A pair of skylight blinds that are open to allow light in the room.

Perfect fit concertina blinds

The perfect fit system features a frame that fits your window without screws or any drilling. It is easy to install, and anyone can do it in a matter of minutes, but only when the measurements are taken correctly. The system fits into any modern window frame, uPVC in particular.

This system eliminates light leakage from the bottom and side of the window as it is a snug fit. Unlike other blinds, this system does not use a cord and chains to operate but uses handles to raise or lower the blind. When thinking of dressing your bifold doors, think of perfect fit concertina blinds. They do not obstruct the door’s opening in addition to the neat look they give your space. 

Why should you choose these blinds?

The cells trap air when the blind is closed. This trapped air regulates the temperature making them excellent thermal insulators. They help keep a room warm in the summer while they stop warm air from escaping during winter. As a result, you lower your spending on heating and air conditioning.

The cells are also suitable for slight noise cancellation. Reducing the noise coming from outside. This feature is handy for nurseries in a busy environment.

Concertina blinds comprise a continuous piece of fabric. Thus, when you lower them, you can be sure of 100% privacy. 

This style of blinds is not only beautiful but also highly customisable. Fit them in a variety of odd-shaped windows.

They are available in many options, and you will find one that suits your situation.

Take away on concertina blinds

Concertina blinds share a name with a musical instrument that resembles an accordion. The blinds are either a single layer or multi-layers comprising a single piece of continuous fabric. All the rooms in a house are suitable candidates for adorning concertina blinds, including kitchen and bathroom. Moisture-resistant material is available for the bathroom and kitchen behind the sink. You will find them covering conservatory windows thanks to their lightweight. They mute light while giving privacy but only when the blind is pulled.

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