Extra-wide wooden blinds: Blinds options for large windows

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Wooden Venetian blinds combine functionality and aesthetic appeal to add value and give homes a welcoming look. Wood finishes come in diverse styles and can blend into any interior décor seamlessly. When wooden blinds are used to dress extra-wide windows, the class and sophistication rise a notch higher. 

When thinking of large-sized windows, conservatory windows come immediately to mind. These types of window let in an abundant amount of natural light. While this is appealing to most modern home designs, it can also be bad for your furniture and other assets. Direct glare on lampshades, paintings, rugs and carpets may cause them to fade. It can also be unpleasant for those wanting to use the space, especially on hotter days!

Bay windows are another example of windows that are often quite large in size. When such windows face a spectacular view, they are a magnificent design and architectural feature. And when done right, they can present a focal point to your interior décor. They flood the room with natural light. Beautiful as they are, they present a challenge when it comes to choosing the right dressing.

Due to the massive size of some of these windows, it can be challenging to find coverings for them. But extra-wide wooden blinds rise to the occasion. They provide cover that not only controls privacy but offers shade at the same time. Featuring horizontal slats, they come in different widths to suit your needs.

However, it is prudent to note that larger slats let in more light. This is something to factor in when making a purchase.

Let us show you how to dress your large windows in style using extra-wide wooden Venetian blinds.

Wooden Venetian blinds and large windows

Extra-wide wooden Venetian blinds can be made from either natural wood or faux wood. Faux wood is made of PVC composite material, which is tough and resistant to moisture. Natural wood is similarly tough, but it is not advisable to expose it to water as it may warp.

Faux wooden blinds are also heavier than their natural wood counterparts. Therefore, natural wood Venetian blinds are generally better suited to dressing large windows.

Natural wood Venetian blinds come in widths of up to 2.6 metres. If this is not sufficient, you can split your window coverings and fit several blinds on the same window. In effect, this helps you reduce the size and weight of a single blind. Having your window measured by an expert will help you to guarantee the right fit. They’ll also be able to give you helpful advice on the right option for you.

Both natural wood and faux wood finishes possess a charm and a warmth that help to make a room feel welcoming. When it comes to colours, these blinds can be painted to offer a wide range of options. Whether you’ll want your blinds painted, and which colour if so, will depend on your needs and preferences. Wooden Venetian blinds can fit into any design theme, be it farmhouse, shabby chic, eclectic, modern, contemporary and many more.

Here are some of the reasons they have remained popular over the years.

Benefits of extra-wide wooden Venetian blinds

High degree of privacy and light control

The slats on wooden Venetian blinds can tilt up to 180 degrees outwards, giving you a high degree of privacy. The blinds can also be raised or lowered to allow the exact degree of light you’re after. What is more, tilting the slats controls the amount of light you let in while still maintaining your privacy.

Easy to clean

Cleaning wooden Venetian blinds is simple, as you only need to wipe with a dry cloth or feather duster. It is better to avoid using anything that could make the slats damp, as this can damage the wood or the paint finish.

For ease of cleaning, we suggest fully closing the slats upward, wiping from left to right along each slat, then reversing the slats and repeating. If you do this regularly, you will be able to avoid any dirt or grime building up on your blinds. This can even improve their lifespan.

Simple operation

Operating the wand and cord mechanism is simple for anyone to understand. The wand controls the tilt of the slats while the cord operates the raising and lowering of the blinds. The slats can be tilted according to your exact preference, giving you an excellent degree of control. 

Versatility and style

Extra-wide wooden Venetian blinds can fit just about any room. Faux wood is particularly suited to damp areas like bathrooms and kitchen windows that are located over sinks. Natural wood, for its part, adds beauty and sophistication to any room.

Natural wooden Venetian blinds come in various finishes such as oak and beech, among others. Faux wooden Venetian blinds, on the other hand, boast countless hues that easily match any décor style. This aesthetic makes them suitable for any of your extra-wide windows. Natural wood brings an element of nature into any décor. 

Matching your blinds to your existing décor is just a matter of choosing the right finish and appropriate colour. The following are some design considerations when using extra-wide wooden Venetian blinds.

Design options using extra-wide wooden blinds

Natural wood finishes come in rich undertones that can accent or complement different colour schemes. If you need to add colour to your neutral monochromatic theme, a natural wood finish will work wonders.

Faux wood comes in different colours to satisfy any colour palette that you may have in mind. The finishes are either matte, satin, or gloss. They can help you add depth to your décor by contrasting it with other fabric textures.

These blinds are not just suited to homes. They can also be fitted to great effect in restaurants and offices, giving the spaces a sophisticated but welcoming feel.

Rustic, eclectic, or contemporary designs can benefit from the versatile wooden Venetian blinds. 

The available colours range from neutrals like white and black, which fit almost anywhere, to bold, warm, and cool colours, There are plenty of choices to choose from. Grainy textures, gloss, matte, and satin all work to complement your style. When you opt for made-to-measure extra-wide Venetian blinds, you can ensure professional fit to your large window. 

How extra-wide Venetian blinds fit into different rooms

Kitchen and bathroom

The type of large window you will find in such rooms is usually short and wide. In the bathroom, it is often higher up for increased privacy. But depending on where your bathroom window faces, you may also want a little extra privacy. Extra-wide wooden Venetian blinds come in handy because they allow in light while still giving you privacy.

Faux wood is perfect for both as it is moisture resistant. Faux wood blinds are easy to clean. That is particularly important in this case, as both the kitchen and bathroom require high levels of hygiene.


Extra-wide wooden Venetian blinds are a good choice for the bedrooms and nurseries as they filter light by day and completely close at night, giving you the dark atmosphere that you need for sleep. They can be paired with blackout liners, further improving the atmosphere for sleeping.

Living room

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a common sight in modern house designs. With different colours to choose from, from cool to warm, this means that, regardless of the scheme, we have one that fits your design.

Extra-wide wooden blinds also help regulate the temperature during extreme weather. This means you can relax in your living room anytime, regardless of the weather. What is more, they can also save you a little money on your energy bills!

However, it may be the case that you are not interested in wooden Venetian blinds. And that’s okay! Everybody’s tastes are different, and luckily there are other options you can consider. Here are some other blinds that you can use with large windows.

Other blinds for large windows

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are light in weight, and they can reach up to a massive five meters in length. They are easy to operate and can have several fixing points for extra-wide windows. Like wooden Venetian blinds, they can filter the light coming into a room. The slats can rotate to let in some light while still maintaining privacy. If your window faces a spectacular view, don’t worry: you can retract the vertical blinds to one side to enjoy your view.

Vertical blinds are best suited for the large floor to ceiling windows and conservatory windows. They are also perfect for the office as they offer privacy while reducing the glare of the direct sun on your screen. They come in a variety of fabrics, offering either prints or solid colours. 

Cellular blinds

Also known as honeycomb blinds, these blinds give an accordion, pleated look. Cellular blinds are also light in weight, and even though they don’t offer the same privacy as Venetian or vertical blinds, they are a good option for large windows. Their accordion-style pleats make any room beautiful.

Cellular blinds come in a range of colours, textures and fabrics, giving you plenty of choices. Blending them into any interior décor is easy. We can also shape them to fit odd-shaped windows including arch windows, conservatory windows, and skylights. 

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are suitable for any room. They have a crisp, clean appearance that elevates the elegance of any room. Various fabrics, colours and textures are available for you to choose from. Large conservatory and bay windows look great when dressed with roller blinds.

They are easy to operate and can be manually operated or motorised. Moisture resistant fabrics are available with roller blinds meaning you can use them in bathrooms and kitchens. 

When choosing blinds for your large windows, you can mix the styles to suit your needs. For a better fit, it’s best to leave the job of measuring to professionals. Large windows will benefit from made-to-measure blinds as the sizes and shapes of the windows differ.

Roman blinds

For an artistic, snug and homey feel to your home, Roman blinds are your solution. When you add the thermal lining, they help you regulate the temperature during hot summer months or the cold winter. You can split them, too, which is important, as they may get too heavy for extra-wide windows. If you split your Roman blinds, try and use a solid colour to imitate one long blind. You can also use a pattern that will line up.

A summary on extra-wide wooden blinds

While extra-wide windows bring a lot of sunlight into any space, there is a need to dress the windows to protect the interior. Wooden blinds are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. That’s why they are such a good option for this purpose. They are versatile and suit any of the rooms in your home. Natural wood finishes are beautiful and bring a natural element to your décor, while faux wood is tough and moisture resistant.

Extra-wide wooden Venetian blinds can be split to avoid weight issues. If you speak to an experienced manufacturer, they will be able to give you recommendations for the best option when it comes to your particular windows. Extra-wide wooden blinds give you privacy while still controlling the natural light. Made-to-measure blinds are perfect for large windows whose sizes and shapes vary.

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