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Quality, style and cost are some of the essentials to look for when deciding on a window treatment for your home. You want blinds that deliver both style and functionality at the most affordable price. But again, the cost of blinds isn’t a constant factor – the price varies depending on other factors, including the type and style of blinds you choose. Thinking of investing in perfect fit blinds? Let’s walk you through the answers to your question, “how much do perfect fit blinds cost?” and some of the factors that impact the cost of this stylish window covering.

What are perfect fit blinds?

Perfect fit blinds deliver an ideal match for every type of window in a home or office. They are explicitly made to be used on uPVC windows and doors, and they clip directly on the window or door frame so installing them is not a hassle. Perfect fit blinds are available in a variety of styles and colours to match any scheme.

These blinds are excellent for all environments, from kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms,  conservatories to offices and other commercial spaces. These window treatments are best for those who don’t know much about blinds.

But how much do perfect fit blinds cost? Let’s enlighten you about the cost of these window coverings.

How much do perfect fit blinds cost?

There’s no average cost for perfect fit blinds. Before you ask how much perfect fit blinds cost, have a list of the things you want in the window treatment.

Multiple factors affect the cost of perfect fit blinds. The bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Let’s examine the things that affect the cost of perfect fit blinds.


When searching for perfect fit blinds, you need to pick a style that matches your needs. Luckily, the blinds come in a range of styles with different price tags. Some of the popular types of perfect fit blinds include:

Perfect fit Venetian blinds

Perfect fit Venetian blinds are stylish and practical window treatments every homeowner should have. The blinds are applicable in many places, including conservatories, uPVC windows, and doors. 

Perfect fit Venetian blinds are available in a range of colours and patterns to match any home or office decor. The blinds have water-resistant and wipe-clean properties, making them ideal for almost any space in your home. The perfect fit Venetian blinds cost more than perfect fit roller blinds.

Perfect fit roller blinds

Perfect fit roller blinds are among the most versatile window coverings available in most modern homes. They are quick and easy to install and add colour, style, and shade to a home.

The no-screw, no-drill functionality makes perfect fit roller blinds ideal for conservatories among other home and office spaces. And with the range of patterns, textures, and styles available, you’ll definitely find a perfect match for your home. Perfect fit roller blinds are among the most affordable window treatments in the market.

Perfect fit pleated blinds

Add some texture to your spaces with perfect fit pleated blinds. The blinds are made from pleated fabrics and provide insulation and soundproofing benefits. This makes them suitable for living rooms and office spaces. 

Perfect fit pleated blinds are easy to clip on a window without drilling or screwing. The blinds are made with a honeycomb structure to add style and functionality to any space. The lack of chains and cords make perfect fit pleated blinds child-safe by design.

Perfect fit roman blinds

Perfect fit roman blinds are made from fabrics that pleat when the blinds are opened or raised. The blinds can be made from various materials, including cotton, synthetics, linen, and even silk.

Perfect fit roman blinds come in multiple textures, colours, and patterns to address every homeowner’s needs. The window treatments offer easy and effective light control. Blackout options are also available if you need total darkness in your spaces. The cost of perfect fit roman blinds depends on factors like the type and size of the fabric.


To answer the question, how much do perfect fit blinds cost? We’ll need to know the number and size of your windows or doors. If you have many windows, you’ll need to get more materials to cover the frames completely, hence higher cost. 

Also, you’ll need to determine the size of the material required to cover your windows adequately. For this, get accurate measurements of your windows. Some manufacturers will send a qualified and experienced fitter to help determine your window measurements before recommending a suitable perfect fit blind.

Alternatively, you can hire someone to get accurate measurements of the windows. However, note that this is part of the perfect fit blinds cost.


Perfect fit blinds are made from several materials depending on the style you choose. The fabrics determine the longevity of the perfect fit blinds. Some materials like wood are more expensive.

When choosing a suitable material for your perfect fit blinds, consider where the blinds will be installed. For instance, high-moist areas like the kitchen and bathrooms require blinds made of water-resistant and easy-to-clean materials. The extra unique features on the blinds material add to the cost of the blinds.

Also, style affects the choice of perfect fit blinds materials. For instance, nothing beats the natural and stylish look of perfect fit real wood blinds. For this reason, wooden blinds are much more expensive compared to other types.

Shopping outlets

Sometimes you can’t get your perfect fit blinds from the manufacturer due to various factors like location distance and the number of window treatments you wish to buy. Also, some manufactures only sell their products in large batches/quantities – hence you can’t buy a single piece from them. That’s where the middlemen come in.

Where you get perfect fit blinds can impact the cost of the window treatments. There are multiple sellers of perfect fit blinds offering their products at different prices.

For instance, you can buy perfect fit blinds from;

  • Online retailers
  • Home improvement warehouses
  • Small independent hardware stores
  • Discount stores

These people get the window treatments from various manufacturers and later sell them to the final consumers. But remember, they are looking to make some profit out of the sale; thus, they sell the product at a slightly higher price.

To get quality, perfect fit blinds at an affordable rate, compare quotes from various sellers and choose one that fits your budget. Alternatively, get referrals from relatives or friends on where to get affordable window treatments.

Furthermore, you’ll need to pay a delivery fee if you order the product online. This will depend on the distance between you and the seller, although some sellers offer free deliveries for customers close to their stores.

Brand and manufacturing

There are various companies producing blinds and selling them at different prices. This can significantly influence the cost of getting perfect fit blinds for your home. High-quality perfect fit blinds from reputable brands will always cost more. This is because the blinds have been tried and tested and are much durable and reliable.

Companies producing inferior quality perfect fit blinds sell them very cheaply. Also, some new manufacturers will want to sell their products at relatively low prices to attract more customers. Be careful with such products as they may cost you in the long run.

It’s better to get your perfect fit blinds from reputable brands, even if it means investing more money.


How you operate perfect fit blinds also impacts its cost. There are two main options – corded perfect fit blinds and motorised perfect fit blinds.

Corded perfect fit blinds are a more traditional form of blinds and operate on a chain mechanism. There are strings and cords that one pulls to raise or lower the blinds. However, the cords can cause strangulation risks to uncontrolled kids and pets. Yet, most homeowners buy them because they are more affordable.

Motorised perfect fit blinds do not have any cords or strings attached, making them child and pet-safe. They are easy to install and operate. You can close or open your motorized perfect fit blinds using a remote control device, or wall switch. Alternatively, the blinds can be integrated with the house’s mains automation system such that they close and open at specific times. With these features, you’ll pay a little more to get the blinds.


The installation cost of perfect fit blinds adds up to the overall cost of the window treatments. Although these types of blinds are easier to install, not everyone can do it. Besides, you’ll need some guides to DIY the project.

If you can’t install perfect fit blinds by yourself, an experienced fitter might help you at a fee that varies depending on the expert’s skills, experience, and schedule. 


There’s some tax you pay when buying perfect fit blinds. The VAT varies depending on your country and forms part of the perfect fit blinds cost. If you look at the receipt given after buying window treatments or any other product, you’ll see the VAT amount for the product. If you live in a country that imposes a high tax on products, then you’re likely to pay more for perfect fit blinds.

How much do perfect fit blinds cost? Final thoughts

Perfect fit blinds are stylish, practical, and easy to install. They come in various styles, including Venetians, roller, and pleated to suit any scheme. The cost of perfect fit blinds varies depending on style, functionality, size, and brand, among other factors. If you still have questions on the cost of perfect fit blinds, give us a call or leave a message so we can help you out.

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