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Louvolite Perfect fit blinds are specially designed for those people who are out for something unique and dapper in their homes. These types of blinds are extraordinary because they fit perfectly into a modern window frame.

How does the Louvolite perfect fit blinds system work?

The system works by slowing the blinds to integrate flawlessly into the windows and doors. It consists of four-sided frame base blinds that are pre-installed against the window, which allows it to fit in between the glasses and the gaskets. No drilling and no screwing is needed. Louvolite Perfect fit blinds when opened and closed, they move with the windows or doors.

In return, this feature gives you an excellent blend of hue and ventilation. 

Why choose our Louvolite perfect fit blinds

These binds come with a lot of features and benefits as follows:

  • They are pocket-friendly
  • A wide variety of fabric colours and textures to fit any home interior design
  • They provide increased privacy for they fit perfectly reducing the gaps that are normally left at the edge by other blinds
  • With Louvolite perfect fit blinds properly installed, you’ll no longer have to worry about the safety of your loved ones because there are no cords hanging behind
  • They are easy to remove and clean
  • You don’t have to worry about the holes. The installation of Louvolite Perfect fit blinds leaves a clean and well-done job. No drilling or screwing is needed.
  • You can motorise these window treatments

Types of our Louvolite perfect fit blinds

At Excell Blinds & Shutters, we have different types of Louvolite perfect fit blinds from which you can choose the one that compliments your taste and style. All our perfect fit blinds differ in terms of benefits and maintenance. Here are some of the topmost choices for our customers.

  • Louvolite Venetian perfect fit blind
  • The Louvolite roller perfect fit blind
  • The Louvolite pleated perfect fit blind
  • Louvolite roman perfect fit blind

The Louvolite Venetian perfect fit blind

This type of blind positions itself into your uPVC window chassis without being drilled or screwed. The installation of the Louvolite Venetian blind leaves behind a clean and streamlined finish fitting perfectly into your window irrespective of its size or shape.

Besides being very affordable and of great quality, this blind is easy to clean, maintain and fix in case of damages. Just as they are a breeze to install, they are also easy to remove and refit too. These blinds help in managing temperature and lighting wherever they are used. You can open the doors and windows with the blinds closed.

No need to worry about your privacy for these blinds apart from fitting perfectly, they don’t leave holes and spaces along the edges of your windows and doors.

The Louvolite Venetian perfect fit blinds are readily available in different colours, patterns, materials and textures. This makes them a great option when looking for window treatments that fit in interior décor.

They are not operated using cords, this makes them very safe around your little ones and pets.

Maintaining the Louvolite Venetian perfect fit blind

This blind is easy to clean and maintain. You can clean it when it’s still up on the windows or you can bring it down for thorough cleaning. Use a duster and a clean dry cloth to maintain your Louvolite Venetian perfect fit blind. A vacuum cleaner can also make your work easier. Avoid using cleaning detergents and water for these two, which can damage the blind and the paintwork as well.

A pair of venetian perfect fit blinds set up on a set of windows.

The Louvolite roller perfect fit blind

The main feature that makes this type of blind standout from the rest is its glossy and neat lines. These highly customisable perfect fit blinds can make any room, from the bathroom to an office, look elegant and modern.

Even though Louvolite Perfect fit blinds are professionally made to measure, it’s easy to install them by yourself with minimal guidance. They come in different varieties of fabrics, patterns and shapes.

In terms of privacy, they can always be adjusted according to one’s needs. The blinds give you the power to control light and privacy to your preferences. The Louvolite Roller perfect fit can also be motorised. This makes it a perfect pick for rooms with high or difficult to reach windows.

Here at Excell Blinds, for a few bucks, you can get a remote-controlled Louvolite Roller perfect fit installed for you.

If you plan to install these window treatments in moist places of your home (like the kitchen and bathroom), you can get Louvolite Roller perfect fit blinds made of water or moisture-resistant fabrics.

Maintaining the Louvolite roller perfect fit blind

These blinds are easy to clean and maintain. To prolong their life span, always use a feathery duster to get rid of the dust. Make this a routine so the dust doesn’t cause stubborn staining. As soon as you notice a stain, use a damp cloth to get rid of it. Unlike the Venetians, with these, you are allowed to use non-synthetic detergent.

Do not dip them in water and avoid rubbing their surfaces too hard for this can damage the entire thing.

The Louvolite pleated perfect fit blind

This type is for those who love their décor stylish and modern but in a modest way. Just like the Roller perfect fit blinds, the pleated ones also are made to measure. These blinds are good both for residential and commercial use. Louvolite Pleated perfect fit blinds come in different fabrics, patterns, sizes, shapes and textures.

They are what you need if you have angler windows and skylights. Their installation can be done in two ways. One, you can have it installed to hang freely and secondly, it can be tensioned for it to stay firmly positioned.

These blinds can be motorised, the remote control will be provided if need be, and you get the power of light control in your hands. They are water-resistant, which makes them a good option for bathrooms and kitchens as well.

They are very efficient and reliable. The blinds keep the place warm during cold seasons and cool during hot seasons. No need to worry about the holes, during the installation, no drilling and screwing whatsoever is necessary.

To slot perfectly into your window, these blinds have unique frames that are installed together. Despite being pocket-friendly, these blinds are of high quality, easy to clean and maintain too.

Maintaining the Louvolite pleated perfect fit blinds

These blinds are easy to clean and maintain. Use a synthetic duster to dust them off. You can also vacuum the blinds. If you decide to vacuum clean, go for a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush.

A pair of pleated perfect fit blinds set up in on a window

The Louvolite roman perfect fit blinds

If you are the kind that loves elegance with a soft touch of sophistication, then this Louvolite perfect fit blind is for you. These blinds are perfect in bedrooms, sitting rooms, greenhouses and kitchens. In such areas, these blinds increase insulation, light control and warmth.

Even though they are made to measure, these blind are the best to work with. You can customise them according to your needs. They hang in soft pleats and unfold flat when raised and lowered respectively.

They are safe to install in your home. These blinds don’t leave hanging cords around the house. Your baby is perfectly safe with these blinds around. Just like the rest, these blinds come in a wide variety of elegant fabrics, patterns, colours, shapes and sizes.

The main thing that makes these blinds different from the rest is that they are designed only using the highest and the best fabrics in Liverpool. Even so, these blinds are affordable and easy to maintain. They feature a great light control system, good insulation, during cold seasons and increased privacy.

These blinds make the house feel warm, welcoming and like a dwelling place.

Maintaining the Louvolite roman perfect fit blinds

You can wipe out the dust from this type of blind by using feathery sisters and damp cloth.

You are also allowed to vacuum using a vacuum cleaner that has an attached upholstery brush.

Some are even dry cleaned, but before going ahead and dry clean yours, always seek advice from the experts like us.

A pair of Roman Perfect Fit Blinds attached to windows overlooking a garden.

Benefits from this blind type

These types of blinds have a lot of benefits and advantages but the main one is the ability to provide a greater and better privacy system than others. But you still need to be prepared well to dust away dirt immediately and avoid clogging the slats with dust.

Even though these types of blinds are only suitable for the UPVC windows, there is always something that can be done to accommodate your needs. You are welcomed to view and learn more about our Louvolite perfect fit blind at Excell Blinds & Shutters Louvolite Perfect Fit Blinds

Final thought on these blinds

Louvolite perfect fit blinds are some of the best window treatments you’ll find out there. They are easy to install, maintain, and match with the decor in your home. Even though you can measure your windows and place an order of these blinds, you are better off inviting a professional to help you pick the right blinds for the needs of your home.

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