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French doors are classy and elegant – they provide you with natural light and a decent taste for modern homes. Although we appreciate their open nature – we also need some level of privacy in our homes. That’s why it’s important to dress them. Finding perfect fit blinds for French doors is the best solution you have. But you shouldn’t go for random purchases because the handles on the doors can get in the way of functionality if there’s no thought behind the design.

A perfect fit blind for your French doors will provide you with access to enough light for your home as well as maintain privacy. Since French doors are unique in their own way, let us explore everything you need to consider before buying blinds that fit them.

Tips for selecting French door blinds

Outside mount

The window panes in French doors have no depth. This feature makes it possible for mounting to be done from outside the window. It is important that you understand how the product you are about to buy looks when mounting is done from outside.

French doors are most likely to have a handle. This handle gets in the way of operating the window treatment. You are required to buy shallow blinds that fit comfortably between the door and the decorative handles. Roller shades and honeycomb shades are mostly recommended because they fit behind the door handle perfectly.

Privacy and lighting

You are required to choose perfect fit blinds for your French doors depending on your privacy and lighting needs. Blinds can block harmful UV rays and allow natural light to come in at the same time, cellular shades and aluminium blinds are recommended if you want to block light and provide privacy. To those whose privacy and lighting may not be a concern, you are recommended to go for blinds and shades made of sheer fabric. They will serve you better.

Home interior decoration

To ensure good results, your window treatment should add elegance to the interior décor of your home. Perfect fit blinds for French doors come in with a wide variety of colours, patterns, and materials to choose from. Blinds with subtle colours can work perfectly for rooms with natural tones. However, bolder colours are recommended if you want to add vibrancy to your home.

Window measurements

Buying the wrong size of blinds for your French door can be a great hassle since fitting will almost be impossible. Knowing the correct size of your window makes choosing the correct window treatment a bit easier. For better results, you are required to measure your window and exempt the header fabric since its main purpose is decoration. As an extra cautionary measure, get help from a professional since you might make errors in your measurements.


In case you have children and pets, it is good to put them into consideration when buying blinds. Pull chords increase the chances of accidents in your home just in case your child or your favourite pet gets tangled up in them. Blinds with no pull chords tend to last more since there is little touch activity being subjected to them.

Durability and ease of use

No one is willing to go to the market and pick blinds that will demand replacement almost immediately after installation. If you have to get French door treatment, the durability of the blind should be your number one consideration. Also, ensure that the kind of blinds you buy will be handled with ease. The lesser people have direct contact with the blind the better. Blinds that are difficult to open or close tend to wear out faster than blinds that are easy to use.

A stunning patio area on a sunny afternoon with a pair of french doors showing as the interior.

Best picks for perfect fit blinds for French doors

Wooden perfect blinds for French doors

Wooden blinds have been around for centuries. They provide homes with a decent look and a natural feel than any other type of blinds. These blinds can be tilted to provide maximum light and privacy according to your preference but the hardest part of having wooden blinds is installation and maintenance especially in moist spaces. For installation, you might want to invite an experienced professional to help you. If your french door is in a moist area, you are better off finding an alternative.

Add-on blinds

They are also known as integrated blinds and have risen to popularity over the recent past. These French door blinds are enclosed in between existing door glass and a pane of tempered glass. This provision makes them easy to maintain and clean because they operate by simply sliding their bottom-up and down.

The add-on blinds preserve the quality of your French door. You will not be required to drill into your door to fit the blinds, these types of fit blinds for French doors come with unique clipping that will help you to attach them to the door surfaces.

Also, add-on blinds protect window panes and ensure they last longer. Add-on blinds do not flip-flap when you open or close the door hence protecting your window panes from scratching and breaking. They offer maximum light protection to your preferred level as well as reduce drafts in your home.

Cellular perfect fit blinds for french doors

These sets of blinds have a small headrail and narrow width sizes, making them perfect for dressing your French door windows because they don’t interfere with door handles. They possess small stacks when raised giving you a full view of the outside. Also, a cellular shade allows you to control light by filtering it out or darkening the room. This model of blinds also helps control temperature in the room by keeping heat or cold out.

They have no dangling cords that may be risky to small kids and pets. Being available in a wide range of colours increases its availability for home décor purposes.

They have the best privacy options. Using a top-down option, with cellular blinds, you can comfortably lower the shade from the top and enjoy the light and view while ensuring privacy from below. With the sheer shade on top with a room darkening shade below, one is able to enjoy filtered sunlight and maximum privacy during the night.

Roller blinds

If you hate slats tapping against your door every time you open or close the door, roller blinds would be your solution. Roller blinds are a great innovation that can be rolled up when not in use and can fit perfectly at the top of your door allowing you easy operation.

Roller blinds are made out of an extensive material that is able to allow the right amount of light you may prefer ranging from filtered to blackout. This material is also often resistant to fire, spills and moisture, making them ideal for spaces with high traffic. A good example is doors leading to the outside of your house.

Roller blinds come in different varieties to choose from. There are corded and motorised versions you are required to choose from depending on your preference. Motorised blinds are more preferred because they are safer for pets and kids. Also, blinds without cords tend to last longer compared to their corded counterparts.

Soft white matt perfect fit blinds for French doors

This model of French door blinds is a perfect match with a soft white mat appropriate for doors in the kitchen. They are made out of customisable aluminium blinds. These aluminium blinds can be made to match your frame colour, giving your room spackling elegance against white doors.

If you are looking for simple and long-lasting door blinds, search no more. This type of perfect fit blinds French door blinds will last longer and can be customised to fit any decor theme. Suppose you change the paint in your room, soft white matt perfect fit blinds will have you sorted. You won’t need to buy new ones that will match the new colour in your room.

A pair of white french doors overlooking a gorgeous patio area in the distance.

Significance of blinds at home

They help control privacy. Privacy is a priority as to why a majority of people install blinds in their homes.

They boost insulation and prevent heat loss. Research that led to the invention of modern roller blinds shows that they can prevent up to 21% of the heat from escaping. With this model of blinds, you are sure of a warmer winter.

Blinds provide a shade in places of your home that get direct sunlight through windows and doors.

Final thought on perfect fit blinds for French doors

Now that you know the types of perfect fit blinds for French doors and the criteria to determine the best ones, buy from a reliable vendor. Or start setting up a plan to have one of them in your home. Got questions? We provide the best solutions when it comes to window treatments. Our professionals can help you get answers to your needs and guide you into finding the best fit for your home. Reach out to us.

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