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Cost is a common factor influencing most people’s decisions when choosing window dressings like blinds and shutters. One of the more reoccurring questions our professional fitters get is how much do plantation shutters cost? Ideally, there’s no standard price for plantation shutters. The cost varies depending on many things that we’ll discuss later in the article.

If you’re considering investing in plantation shutters, this article is worth your time. Let’s examine the cost drivers of plantation shutters.

What are plantation shutters?

Before we get to the cost of plantation shutters, let’s start with the basics. Plantation shutters are a style of shutters featuring tilted wooden louvres resembling slats on blinds. These shutters close and open like doors and are fitted to the window frame. Plantation shutters have large slat sizes that allow maximum light and airflow into the house when opened.

Double tier plantation shutters come with two panels providing more control. Open the top panels to illuminate your spaces and leave the bottom panels closed for privacy. Plantation shutters also come with insulating features ensuring a calm and relaxed environment.

Now that you understand what plantation shutters are, let’s answer the question of how much do plantation shutters cost?

A bedroom with a bed and pillows with a pair of plantation shutters.

Types of costs for plantation shutters

When searching for plantation shutters, it pays to research and gets quotes from different sources. There are three main costs for plantation shutters:

  • the main price
  • installation
  • and additional charges

The main price is that which you pay to get the plantation shutters. When you scroll through various window treatments online or visit a local store, you’ll see the price tags attached to the product – that’s the primary cost of the shutter.

The other type of cost is the installation cost. This is the price you pay to get the shutters installed on your window frames. Some manufacturers will include this in the general cost of plantation shutters. This happens only if they send their professional fitters to do the installation.

However, since plantation shutters are easy to install, you don’t have to hire a professional fitter. All you need is to read through some guides (which usually come with the plantation shutters) and do as indicated. This is beneficial and will save you some cash, especially if the project is small, say two to three windows.

The last category is the additional costs that include transporting the plantation shutter from the manufacturer or seller to your house. Some sellers will deliver the plantation shutters to your doorstep at no cost. If you live far enough, you’ll need to pay some cash to get the product delivered. Maintenance costs can also fall under this category. Some plantation shutters come with costly maintenance requirements to help them retain their functionality.

All these are part of the cost for plantation shutters.

A pair of plantation shutters in a kitchen overlooking the garden area.

How much do plantation shutters cost? Things that impact the cost of plantation shutters

There’s no one answer to the question of how much do plantation shutters cost However, we will try our best to give you a reasonable response. First, let’s examine some of the things that impact the cost of plantation shutters. From there, you’ll be able to estimate the cost of this window treatment based on your preferences.

Shutter materials

Plantation shutters can be made from various materials, which impact the cost of the window treatments. Some materials are more durable than others. Also, the choice of materials for plantation shutters affects their functionality and appearance. Here are types of plantation shutters based on materials:


One of the premium materials for plantation shutters, Wood comes in different types, including hardwood, basswood, and faux wood. Quality plantation shutters are made with high-grade furniture wood such as poplar and basswood. These shutter materials provide stunning natural beauty and are lightweight.

If you consider buying wooden plantation shutters, go for those made with furniture-grade wood. Although it will cost more to get this type of plantation shutter, you’ll enjoy natural beauty for an extended period. Plantation shutters are excellent for customisation and aesthetics and are suitable for traditional homes and townhouses.

However, they are not excellent for humid areas like the bathroom, kitchen, or attic since they are susceptible to moisture. Also, if your budget is tight, you might want to consider other cheaper materials for plantation shutters.

A pair of closed plantation shutters in a living room space.

Composite materials

If you still want to enjoy the natural beauty of wood in your plantations shutters, faux wood materials are an excellent alternative. Plantation shutters made of faux wood are lightweight, provide superior insulation, and are suitable for humid areas. They also cost less than natural wood.

Composite plantation shutters are made from manufactured wood produced from medium-density fiberboards (MDF). The materials are then sealed with Pvc or vinyl layer. As a result, composite plantation shutters provide the same structural integrity as natural wood shutters, as well as the humid-resistant and waterproof features of vinyl.

For a cost-effective and low-maintenance investment, go for composite plantation shutters.

Vinyl material

Enjoy the excellent functionality of plantation shutters at an affordable cost with vinyl-made plantation shutters. Although it’s not a good option, especially for big windows, it can help you save on the price of your plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters made of vinyl materials are water and moisture-resistant hence suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, attic, and other humid environments. They are also great insulators as they are fabricated to trap sunlight, thus maintaining temperatures. The only downside of vinyl materials is that they sag over time because they aren’t reinforced.

A pair of vinyl plantation shutters overlooking a garden area.

Window size

The size and number of your windows also go into the cost of plantation shutters. The dimensions of the windows will dictate the quantity of plantations shutters needed. For a standard-sized window, the price won’t be very high.

Large or unique window designs with unusual dimensions will often come with a significant price tag. The spaces will need more materials to be dressed completely.

Also, plantation shutters for bay windows or complicated windows and doors will cost you more because of their manufacturing and installation complexity. To determine the exact cost of your plantation shutters, get the correct measurements of your spaces. 


The cost of plantation shutters varies depending on the method of production. In this case, the shutters can either be ready-made or made-to-measure as per individual needs. Ready-made plantation shutters are easy to manufacture and install, making them less expensive.

Made-to-measure plantation shutters are designed to meet the needs and requirements of the customer. They come with customized features like colour, size, style, and many more. Custom-made plantation shutters require long and tedious manufacturing and installation processes which makes them expensive.

Thus, if your windows are standard-shaped, you’ll pay less for plantation shutters.

Plantation shutter style

When searching for plantation shutters, you need a style that suits your needs. Luckily, plantation shutters come in various types to meet and even exceed your needs, preferences, and expectations. However, the different plantation shutter styles come with different costs.

Full-height plantation shutters provide a simple style and are designed to cover the whole window. Sometimes, they are fitted with mid-rails to increase their functionality and versatility. Since they cover an ample space, full-height plantation shutters take too much material, which adds up to the cost of the window treatment.

The cafe-style plantation shutters are designed to cover only the lower part/half of the window, providing more light and privacy controls. This style is famous for residential and commercial spaces, including living rooms, dining rooms, cafes, bars, restaurants, and many more. Since they cover only the lower half, cafe-style plantation shutters require little material, lowering its cost.

The last style is the tier-on-tier plantation shutters which come with two sets of panels. The two panels open separately and independently, giving you more control over your shutters. For instance, open the upper panel to let in more natural light and close the lower panel to keep your room private. Tier-on-tier plantation shutters are ideal for residential and commercial use. And due to their uniqueness, versatility and style, you’ll pay more to get them.

A set of plantation shutters in an office space.

Where do you buy plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are manufactured and sold by many individuals and companies worldwide and at different prices. Some companies hike their costs depending on the quality of materials and the complex manufacturing process the product goes through.

You should only get your plantation shutters from reputable brands and sellers. Read online reviews about different brands and companies before investing your money.

Check out our collection of different British-made blinds and shutters, including plantation shutters. We will also help you get an exact quote for your plantation shutters based on your information. 

Final thoughts on how much plantation shutters cost

Plantation shutters can be an excellent addition to your residential or commercial spaces. They come in three main styles and can be made from different materials, including basswood, faux wood, and vinyl. If you’ve been asking; how much plantation shutters cost, we hope you’ve got the answers. If you’re still not sure whether plantation shutters are the right choice for you, you might want to consider other shutter styles and compare notes. Want an accurate estimate of the cost of plantation shutters for your space? Contact us to get a quote.

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