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A bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in most homes. A small space with small windows means that this is fairly tricky to dress considering that privacy and ventilation are a must. While there are many window dressing options, bathroom shutters have been the best window treatments thought over time for your bathroom needs.

In a room where you expect maximum privacy, picking the right bathroom shutters needs a bit more work. Despite preferring window shutters for luxury, there are many reasons why people choose to install bathroom window shutters. Here are a few reasons:

  • Bathroom shutters offer great privacy throughout – both daytime and nighttime
  • They are easy to wipe and clean
  • Shutters dry quickly when subjected to condensation
  • You can easily measure and install bathroom window shutters by yourself
  • Bathroom window shutters are affordable if you choose to install them by yourself
  • Shutters improve the cosmetic appeal of your bathroom with a classic look
  • They insulate your room against heat and noise

Bathroom window shutters can be installed in different styles depending on your preference. You will need to understand how shutters work and what you should consider before installing them in the bathroom environment.

Styles of bathroom shutter installation

Considerations of bathroom shutter installation are based on the amount of natural light you need during the daytime. The level of privacy you need, either during daytime or nighttime, should be a consideration too. These two will help you choose the correct style of shutter installation that suits your needs. Here are some of the choices you can expect:

Café-style shutters:

This style of shutter installation is ideal for bathrooms with taller windows. Shutters installed will ensure that they cover the lower portion of the window to provide maximum privacy at the bottom. The top is left wide open to allow maximum lighting into your bathroom.

Full height shutters:

These are general-purpose shutters because they work well on any window height. Because of their versatile nature, they tend to be the most popular installation in bathrooms across the UK. You can count on these window installations for maximum privacy and an elegant look for your space.

Depending on the architectural design of your bathroom, shutters need to come in different shapes and styles in order to be installed in different bathrooms. You’ll have to research a lot more in order to find the right fit. Some shutter makes are badly destroyed when they come into contact with water because of their design and the materials in use.

Considerations when buying bathroom shutters


As a buyer, you have the freedom to choose from whatever style of shutters you wish if it pleases you. But, ensure that your privacy after installation is guaranteed. Even though café style shutters provide privacy, there could still be some privacy vulnerabilities. Full height shutters are recommended because they ensure you 100% privacy.

Light control

When looking for the best bathroom shutters, ensure that you can control lighting with your preferred shutter. Some shutters do not regulate the amount of light getting out during the dark. Somebody outside can see clear shadows from the inside as you use your bathroom during the night.

You may also find pleasure in taking a shower with a lot of sunshine in your bathroom, consider buying café style shutters. Café style shutters cover your lower parts and let the top open to allow sunshine into your bathing room. Light control is crucial in choosing the best bathroom shutters.

The material

Window shutters are made with different material elements ranging from vinyl, wood, metal, and many others. Choosing the best from the whole lot can get you lost and confused in equal measure. The criteria for selecting the best material for bathroom window shutters lies in its durability.

In a room characterised by wetness and condensation, the material used to make the bathroom window shutters must withstand those wet conditions. Otherwise, you will choose a bathroom window shutter that will not serve you for long.

Consider the size of the louvre

Louvre here refers to each set of slats that are at properly arranged intervals in a shutter to allow air and light to pass through. Generally, there are three sizes of the louvre. For bathroom shutters, it is always recommended that you take the one with a less prominent louvre.

A less prominent louvre ensures more privacy. The only disadvantage that will come in is that less prominent louvres will allow less light and sunshine into your bathroom.

Cleaning and maintenance

Shutters need mandatory, constant, and periodic maintenance to ensure that they maintain their original classy look. It is essential to ensure cleaning is done to guarantee your shutters a longer lifespan. Since nobody wants to get into the exercise of regular cleaning, we recommend that you go for shutters that are easier to maintain and clean.

Ease of installation

Bathroom window shutters can get tricky to install. A convenient size is what you are supposed to look for. Some companies that sell shutters offer free installation. It would be best if you prioritised buying shutters from companies that provide free installation to save you the hustle and puzzle of shutter installation.

According to the specifications for a good bathroom shutter, you stand a better chance of gaining from the benefits of choosing what suits your needs better. A wrong choice means extra expenses on your side.

Colour of the shutters

Colour is a minor consideration yet one of the most important considerations that a serious buyer will bet not to leave out. The correct colour for your bathroom shutter ensures that it matches your bathroom design. Some colours stain when they get into contact with dirt. This will give you a hard time when it comes to cleaning.

Also, a good colour does not fade when subjected to bathing chemicals which are always in this space. Other colours will fade when subject to a bit of cleaning. Choosing the right colour for your bathroom shutter helps you maintain a classy look for your bathroom over time.

FAQ about bathroom shutters

As much as bathroom window shutters may appear to be simple, some questions by buyers are worthy of answers. Answers to those questions aim to equip the buyer with relevant information that will help them make an informed decision.

Can I install wood shutters in my bathroom?

Bathroom window shutters are made out of many materials, wood being one of them. If you are well ventilated, and the bathroom window shutter is not directly exposed to the shower or the water sink, consider installing them.

It should be noted that because bathrooms are affected by condensation, it would not be an ideal fit to install wood window shutters. In as much as they may look classy, wooden window shutters for bathrooms are highly discouraged by interior designers since they become wrapped up in humidity hence unlikely to stay long with the frequent water use around.

Which shutter material is best for bathrooms?

You can install any shutter material on your bathroom window if your bathroom is spacious and that the bathroom window is far from the shower and water sink. If your window is not ventilated correctly, ensure that you go for specific shutter materials. Waterproof polyvinyl shutters will be the best option in this case. 

Waterproof polyvinyl shutters have a similar appearance to wood shatters but are made from vinyl. This material can withstand the effects of water. It won’t split when it comes into contact with water.

How can I ensure that my waterproof shutters last longer?

Waterproof shutters are not affected by water, and so they tend to be very long-lasting. To ensure that you increase their longevity, wipe them and ensure that you wipe the hinges dry after exposure to water. By doing so, you will prevent them from the effects of damp which can cause premature deterioration.

What if I find it difficult to install my bathroom shutters?

It is not guaranteed that you will smoothly install your bathroom window shutter. You are likely to face obstructions from tiles or window rails. If you face such a problem, you are advised to request if the company that you bought the shutters from offers installation services. 

Final thoughts on bathroom shutters

If you are going to get window shutters, ensure that you carefully consider your immediate needs. Getting to the market can be confusing because of the many options there are. Ensure you prioritise your privacy as well as the durability of the shutter you are buying. If you’re still unsure about the style and material of shutters that will best suit your needs and your space, get in touch with the Excell Blinds and shutters team, who will be happy to walk you through the range of shutters we have to offer.

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