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Choosing a particular window treatment that meets your needs out of the wide range of collections available can be a tough task. You’ll need to choose among the many options of window coverings including blinds, curtains, shades and shutters – the latter can often be the most costly option of the bunch. When you decide to invest in shutters, you’ll have to choose between traditional and plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are a popular option because they integrate modern features that fit well in most homes.

In this latest post, we help you understand everything about plantation shutters so you can make an informed decision when buying.

What are plantation shutters?

Most homeowners are ditching the old-style traditional shutters and adopting the modern and stylish plantation shutters. This style of shutters features tilted wooded louvres, which appear similar to the slats on blinds.

These shutters are fitted on the window frame and can be opened or closed like doors. In the old days, they were used on plantation houses in the Old South, explaining their name. Today, they are considered ultra-modern window treatments and are common across the globe.

The distinction between plantation shutters and traditional shutters

Traditional shutters feature narrow wedge-shaped louvres approximately ¼ inches wide. This makes them ideal for small windows. They are arranged in a choice of panel configurations based on the width and height of the window. The panels on traditional shutters are either single or double tier.  For double tiers, the panels operate independently, allowing you to open or close the top and bottom panels separately.

Whereas Plantation shutters have wider louvres, measuring between 1 ⅞ to 5 ½ inches wide. The louvres are either elliptical or flat in shape. Elliptical louvres on plantation shutters are more solid than flat-shaped louvres, and they resist sagging. This feature makes them suitable for large windows to provide expansive views and maximum light.

What do plantation shutters do?

Plantation shutters work just like any other window treatment. However, in some instances, they may be more functional than traditional shutters. Here is what to expect from plantation shutters.

Light and temperature control

Sunlight is good, but more of it can have some adverse effects. For instance, it causes glare that can damage your eyes or prevent you from seeing properly. Excess light can also cause your furnishings and carpet to fade over time. This is why you need to have complete control of the light entering your spaces, something you get from these shutters.

When opened, the shutters allow more natural light in the house while offering an expansive view. This is due to their wide louvres that range from 1 ⅞ to 5 ½. When closed, they block out light and heat, allowing you to save on electricity costs.


Privacy is always a major concerned both in homes and offices. This is why people cover their windows with blinds, shutters, and other window treatments.

When closed, they will keep peeping toms away. Double tier plantation shutters give more control. Close the bottom panels to preserve your privacy and leave the top panels open for more natural light.

Excellent insulation

If you’re someone who likes a calm, relaxed environment, plantation shutters can help you achieve that with their insulation capabilities. The shutters act as sound insulators, preventing unwanted noise from reaching your house.

Benefits of plantation shutters

There are numerous window treatments in the market, but why should you opt for these shutters? Here are some of the advantages of investing in this popular style of shutters.

Classic and timeless design

Without a doubt, these shutters aren’t going out of fashion any time soon. In fact, they are made from a plethora of interior designs to complement period features. These window treatments are an ideal solution for homeowners wishing to achieve a modern design for their homes. Not to mention, offering different materials and colours to suit all your needs.

They are a lot more durable

Looking for a one-time solution for window treatments, these shutters are the best option.  The window coverings are made of sturdy materials to ensure they serve your needs for years. They’re much more durable than blinds and curtains and are worth an investment.

They are a lot more versatile

Whether you’re looking for window treatments to cover your bay windows, or other shaped windows and doors, they will cater to all your needs and preferences. Unlike blinds and curtains, these shutters are designed to fit perfectly on almost any type of window, big, small, curved, you name them.

Safety and ease of use

You don’t need rocket science to operate these shutters. Whether you’re an elderly person or a small child, you can easily open and close these shutters without much struggle.

The absence of loose strings and ties makes plantation more practical than any other window treatment. Besides, this feature makes these shutters safer for kids and pets. Since there are no loose strings, plantation shutters won’t cause any strangulation mishaps making them ideal for children’s rooms.

These high-end shutters come with hands-off controls for ease of use. Some have locks to add some sort of security to your house.

Low maintenance

You won’t need to worry about costly maintenance requirements. The window treatments are made with modern and durable materials that do not warp, crack, or discolour over time. This eliminates the need for regular repairs and replacements.

These shutters are also a lot easier to clean. To remove dust, simply run a dry microfiber cloth or duster along the slats. If there is any debris in the corners, use a clean, soft brush to get rid of them. A damp cloth will work magic on stains and other marks.

If there’s extra dirt on your shutters, use white vinegar to wipe it down.

However, avoid using too many liquid cleaners when cleaning plantation shutters, especially the wooden ones as they will damage the window treatments.

Do not use water to clean plantation shutters as they are usually made from wood. If you do, expect the materials to warp and discolour. Clean your plantation shutters regularly, perhaps once every week, to prevent them from catching more dust, grime, and stains.

Low allergens

Those with allergic reactions are always very sensitive to their environment and anything surrounding them. A few fine dust particles can easily trigger their allergic reactions, which could affect their general health.

Luckily, plantation shutters do not collect much dust like curtains do because of their clean and sturdy makeup. So if you have a family member or perhaps a friend who is always affected by allergens, choosing plantation shutters over other window treatments might be the best decision you ever make in your entire life.


When shopping for window treatments, it’s wise to go for one that’s good for your needs and the best for the environment. Most modern plantation shutters are made from full-recyclable and non-toxic materials, making them safe for the planet.

By reducing carbon footprint, plantation shutters will make your home greener.

Pricey for a reason

Plantation shutters are pretty pricey compared to other window treatments but the benefits you get make investing in this window treatment worth it. You might also need some professional assistance to install plantation shutters.  The whole process requires skills, appropriate tools, and time. This may also add up to the cost of the window treatments.

Buying guide to plantation shutters

Now that you understand everything about plantation shutters, it’s time to go shopping for them. But before you do, we have some tips to guide you through. 

Have a budget

A budget will help you determine the overall cost of plantation shutters. Identify how many windows you want to be covered as this will affect the cost of the window treatments. Decide on the style and design of the plantation shutters you need for your windows. Have a list of all your expectations from plantation shutters, from the colour to style, and many more.  Determine a suitable option that meets and probably exceeds all your expectations.

If you can’t afford to get plantation shutters, go for other alternatives like blinds, curtains, or traditional shutters. 

Get plantation shutters from the right source

There are multiple sellers of plantation shutters, but one thing is for sure, the product isn’t the same. Before you purchase the window treatment from a particular company, do your due diligence. Only get the shutters from reputable brands that have been in the industry for decades.

Get people’s opinions by reading reviews on company sites. Ask recommendations from family and friends about the best dealers in plantation shutters. This will help you get the best quality plantation shutters that will stand the test of time.

Final thoughts about plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a modern and unique style of shutters with distinctive features to give value to your home. They work just like other window treatments, providing light control, privacy, insulation, and security. If you’re thinking of adding some style and elegance to your home, plantation shutters might be just what you need. Want to invest in plantation shutters? Give us a call, or leave us a message to schedule a consultation.

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