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With the winter in full swing, transforming your home into a cosy haven this year is a must. The dark, cold nights are here; the hot water bottle and knit blankets are out, the last thing you need to create that cosy home is your window solution! Adding blinds or shutters to any window can provide added warmth and insulation, helping to reduce your monthly heating bills! If you’re looking to survive the cold winter days and create a cosy space in 2021, these blinds are the perfect solution for you. These blinds will keep the heat in all winter! What more could you want?

At Excell Blinds we have put together a list of the best blinds for winter to ensure the whole family are comfortable and warm, and to create a stylish and cosy space.


Select the right blind to suit you

Choosing the right blinds to stay warm this winter is extremely important, as there are so many to choose from. A range of things such as the size of your room, your interior style, the level of insulation you want, and your personal design preferences will determine which blind you select. Different blinds have different goals and benefits such as light filtration, privacy and heat control. With this in mind, roller blinds and roman blinds should be at the top of your shopping list if you are looking to keep your home toasty.

Roller and Roman blinds are excellent at providing a barrier to drastically reduce the amount of heat that can pass through windows and insulate against cold air coming in from outside your home. Both Roller and Roman blinds are cost-effective solutions. They are an attractive option for many different rooms and requirements, especially if you’re on a budget. If you work nights, have young children, or just struggle to sleep with the glare from street lamps, Roller blinds come in a blackout version. The roller blind is fitted with a high-quality blackout lining, meaning all light is blocked out, ensuring you get a peaceful sleep.

Choose the fabric wisely

Eliminating heat loss through your windows is down to choosing the right fabric. Some fabrics are better at conserving heat than others. Blinds made from high-quality thermal fabrics are the ideal option for keeping the heat in your home. Blackout blinds (night blinds) tend to be a thicker fabric, so if you don’t want to go down the route of specific thermal blinds, blackout blinds might be your next best choice. You may want to avoid less substantial materials, such as vinyl or plastic blinds, as these materials do not retain heat as well.

Consider using good quality materials such as wood. Wood is a natural insulator and will act as a strong barrier. It will ensure that the temperature of the room is controlled better and the heat is kept inside.

For greater energy efficiency, many people choose blinds that are highly reflective (white) on one side and heat-absorbing (dark) on the other side and reverse them with the seasons.


Blinds designer contemplating what fabric to use. The table is full of different colour fabric swatches, wood and a tape measure.

Skylight blinds and conservatory blinds

Fitting blinds to skylights will help you moderate the temperature by controlling how much heat is lost through the window. Skylight blinds can also be motorised to make them easy to open and close throughout the day. They are great at regulating heat without blocking the passage of natural light.

Pleated blinds, Roman and roller designs are a great match for your conservatory, especially if you’d like to create a stylish and modern environment where you can chill out and stay cosy- even if it is cold outside! They’re incredibly energy-efficient and can be motorised and controlled via remote control for added convenience.


Choose made-to-measure winter blinds

For your blinds to retain the heat inside your home, they must fit your windows correctly. Your blinds should sit as close to your windows as possible and overlap them slightly. Any gaps will allow the heat to escape, reducing the effectiveness of your window coverings. All Excell Blinds and Shutters blinds are made-to-measure and are designed to fit any space, at an affordable price.


Fitted, made to measure grey blinds next to potted plants


Adjust your blinds accordingly to keep the heat in

Regardless of the type of winter blinds, you choose to install, remember to adjust them accordingly. Open your blinds in the morning to allow the sunlight to warm your home. When the sun goes down, close them tightly to insulate your home. This will reduce the amount of heat that can escape.

Turning up the heating may be one way to protect against the cold, but it is an expensive option. Carefully selected blinds will reduce heat loss. They will help you to keep your home warm without straining your finances this winter.


Excell Blinds have the perfect winter blinds for you

With Excell Blinds, you don’t have to sacrifice style to gain the energy-saving benefits of blinds this winter. Our made-to-measure blinds will help to keep the heat in all winter and come in a variety of styles, fabrics and finishes.

You also have plenty of choices when it comes to material. Fabric blinds can be made thicker to suit your purposes. Blackout blinds offer substantial protection already. There’s no need to settle on a certain look, style or colour just to achieve a comfortable temperature.

All of our blinds and shutters are bespoke and tailor-made for you and your space. Every one of our blinds and shutters is child-safe as standard. We ensure that they are suitable for every kind of home or workspace.

To find out more about how Excell Blinds and Shutters can help keep your home warm this winter give us a call on 0151 228 0060, or to see our full selection of blinds we have to offer, visit our website.

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