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Large windows are beautiful when they are dressed appropriately. We think that blinds finish up a large window perfectly but what are the best choices?
There are a wide range of options (and we have them all) but there is more to consider than which type of blinds you will use; for instance, you may want to ask how long they will last?
What will happen if you change the décor of your room? Can you get custom-made options for your large windows?
Let’s have a quick look at these answers.


Vertical Blinds For Large Windows

Vertical blinds are very versatile and make a great selection for large windows.

A large window will naturally allow more light through and it’s important to be able to control that amount of light in a way that suits you. Vertical blinds are adjustable with tilting louvres so as the sunlight moves across your room you can make the necessary adjustments. They also provide the ability to slide the whole blind to the side so you can have an unobstructed view through the window. Vertical blinds also have the advantage that they can have multiple fixing points which means you can adjust to them to your liking and with particularly large windows this is highly beneficial.



Using Venetian Blinds For Large Windows

venetian blinds for large windows


Venetian blinds have similar advantages to vertical blinds in that they are flexible for the amount of light streaming in through your window and having the advantage of being able to have multiple fixing points within a large window means you can adjust to suit your room and are perfect for conservatories where controlling the amount of light is almost essential.

They don’t have the ability to tilt vertically but they do tilt vertically which offers privacy and the ability to control the amount of light entering the room. These blinds can also be raised completely, allowing you to have an unobstructed view out of your large window.
One downside is that if you choose to have wooden venetian blinds then when used on a particularly large window they can become quite heavy to raise to achieve an unobstructed view and of course fully closed for privacy and security.


Large Windows & Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds have less flexibility in terms of how you can use them when compared to their Venetian and Vertical counterparts.

This is due to the fact that they are designed more for use as a sun screen and privacy, however they look very contemporary and offer a fantastic sun screen which is perfect for large windows that tend to let in too much light and you do not need the flexibility of adjusting them horizontally or vertically.


Other Types of Blind You Can Use

Here at Excell Blinds we have a large range of blinds that are suitable for windows of all sizes including large and very large windows. We are based in Liverpool and if want to visit our showroom then our team of experts can talk you through the options that are best suited to you.

We also offer shutters and motorised blinds and cater to both domestic homes and commercial buildings alike.
Most blinds can be designed and manufacturers in a wide variety of materials and colours to suit your room too.


Man holding a remote to control his motorised shutter blinds


Can I Use Shutters Instead Of Blinds?

Yes, you can use shutters instead as long your surroundings have the ability for them to be installed.

See our range of shutters for inspiration or give our team a call on 0151 228 0060.


What Else Should I Consider?

You can mix up the style of blinds so they suit your circumstances, you are not restricted to just a single option. Aesthetics are an important consideration of course and your furniture and decor play an important role in decided which type of blind type, colour and fabric will go best with your current or future room design.


Sample of lots of different coloured fabrics



Large windows let in a lot of light and often have a fantastic view out of them and while it is nice to enjoy the benefits of having a larger window there are times when you will need to reduce the light entering the room if it is too bright, controlling the amount of heat in your home and also for simply privacy reasons.
As you can see from our article there are various ways you can do this with the use of our producta and we have a wider range in our store than we’ve covered in this short article.
Have a look around our website and give us a call to discuss your requirements or pop into our showroom in Liverpool near Wirral for a full inspection of our product ranges


People Also Ask:

How wide can window blinds be?

It depends upon the type and style of blinds. Vertical blinds are often the most popular choice for large windows and can be manufactured up to 4.75 metres wide with a 3.6 metre drop. Other types of blind have different width and drop maximum measurements but most blinds can be manufactured to custom widths if required. Please speak to our team here at Excell Blinds to find out more, give us a quick call on 0151 228 0060.


Is my window too big for blinds?

No, hopefully we’ve outlined enough options in this article to show you that you can mix up the style and type of blind for large windows and have multiple fixing points to give you a flexible option to suit even the widest of windows.


Which blinds let in the most light?

In this article we briefly looked at Vertical Blinds and Ventian Blinds as the most popular choices for the flexibility of controlling the amount of light entering through a large window.

This is because they can be adjusted according to your needs or raised / moved to the side to reveal the whole window if you prefer.
Aside from these options you can use other types of blind including Roman or Shutters and more to create the aesthetic look you desire for your room.

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